BUC Women Respond to Global Women's Ministries Emphasis Day

BUC Women Respond to Global Women's Ministries Emphasis Day

Sharon Platt-McDonald BUC Director for Women's Ministries, Health & Adventist Community Services

"What an empowering message of encouragement, assurance and hope! It was so inspirational and just what is needed to carry me through the challenges I am currently facing. The programme for the entire day was such a tremendous blessing. I am so grateful to God!"

This was the enthusiastic response from one Women's Ministries team member who attended her local church on Sabbath 8 June, where the global Women's Ministries Emphasis Day programme was conducted. The use of the General Conference (GC) materials provided for the entire day created a sense of unity and shared experience across the British Union Conference (BUC).

Across the BUC, several churches marked this special day with services tailored to the theme – 'The God Who Sees You'. The sermon spotlighted the traumatic experiences of Hagar in the desert, Rizpah in her pain, the adulterous woman in her shame, and each of us in our 'storms'. The trajectory from despair to hope, barriers to breakthroughs, and pain to promise through the intervention and power of God was beautifully weaved through each account.

Reflections from leaders

North England Conference (NEC) Women's Ministries Director – Sis Beulah Plunkett spoke at Derby Chester Green for their Women's Ministries Emphasis Day programme. She states:

"The theme 'God sees you' was inspiring for the women, and the men appreciated the whole day. In my sermon, I said – 'Our world at present is 8 billion plus. Yet God sees every one of us. God is truly amazing!'"

Samantha Fessal – Welsh Mission Women's Ministries Sponsor reports –

"The sermon enabled the ladies and the congregation as a whole to grasp the reality that God, who created all things, has and is keeping His eye on us. He is still watching over us, and no matter what we are going through, He is right there with us – up close and personal." Her full report can be found here at: Welsh Mission Women's Day

Recently appointed Women's Ministries Director for the South England Conference (SEC), Anastasia Ross, praised the "positive and well-written materials" provided as a resource package. She reflects:

"I am very impressed at the straightforward layout and ease of access to get the materials for the day. The resource packet has all the information you need to share to deliver a positive encouragement programme to the women. 

"The children's story gave a positive outlook on God and what to do in a situation like Freddy's, stating that God is there no matter what.

"Much effort was put into clearly defining each focus point, and women were able to identify and share their experiences in the workshop sessions.

"Overall, the WM Emphasis Day resource pack was a blessing to all who heard and participated in sharing 'The God Who Sees You' with others."

Memorable features

The Brixton Adventist church live-streamed their Women's Ministries Emphasis Day service, which can be viewed here:

At 2 hours 32 seconds into the recording, you will hear a powerful and unique presentation of the song – 'The God Who Sees' performed by Eleanor, Lois and Sachoy from the Brixton Adventist church. An inspirational, well-researched and thoughtful message by Sis Marcia Mendoza followed this.

Area 4 conducted a special Day of Fellowship event marking Women's Ministries Emphasis Day reported here.

A rich tapestry of empowering programmes can be viewed from live-streamed services such as Blessed Hope Adventist church:, Dundee Adventist church: and Doncaster Adventist church:

Words of affirmation

The many comments received on this year's theme revealed how deeply moved the women were by what they described as "the healing words" from the GC materials. The thoughtful descriptions of how God saw each individual made them feel "valued," "worthy," and "loved."

Another way to make women feel valued and attended to is to share words of affirmation, which can help boost their faith in times of challenge. Here is a 60-second message by Sharon Platt-McDonald, shared with the Brixton Adventist church during the morning service celebrating Women's Ministries Emphasis Day:

Anastasia Ross's welcoming words were a salute to the women of the Brixton church, extolling their dedicated service to others in difficult times. Her warming words of appreciation is evident in her video message.


Women's Emphasis Day impact

In a previous article, BUC Women's Ministries Director – Sharon Platt-McDonald outlined the purpose and impact of the annual Women's Ministries Emphasis Day. You can revisit it here:

Making a day such as this impactful is demonstrable in what happens after the day is over. How do we 'live' the lessons we have learned through the messages, materials, and experience of running the programme?

Following on from this special day, here are a few suggestions to continue impacting the lives of women, their families, churches and communities:

  • Be the eyes of God as you look out for individuals facing life's challenges
  • Pray and ask God for wisdom in how to reach out to these individuals in meaningful ways
  • Learn about how trauma affects individuals and how to meet their needs. Here is an excellent article by Dr Torben Bergland on how to minister effectively:

  • Embrace the power of hope that recovery from life's traumas is possible with God's help. Dr Bergland states, "The Bible is filled with stories of trauma, but also of perseverance after trauma."

Take a moment to pause with me to give thanks to our loving God, whose eyes are always open to our needs and meet them. May God anoint us with eyes of compassion to see the needs of hurting individuals and respond appropriately.