Community Services

Key objectives:

1) To be part of the community building a presence, influencing, and impacting through outreach ministry.

2) To make ourchurches welcoming and relevant to everyone regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, religious persuasion, cultural background, or any other difference that distinguished them. 

Values: Adaptability; Compassion; Equity; Human Dignity; Inclusion; Non-judgemental; Understanding.

Operational Focus:

Building trust, Valuing diversity, Fostering inclusion, Meeting needs.

In seeking to fulfil the above vision, mission and values, the work of the BUC Community Services department has been organised around diverse areas of service and outreach. These entails: social justice, compassionate outreach through the addressing of presenting needs, spiritual nurture, mission mandate, relational support & training and church engagement.

REACHING UP – Spiritual development and nurture

To emulate the ministry of Christ by making the gospel available to all diverse groups through, relevant, compassionate service and inclusive worship.

Facilitating a Prayer Network for individuals with personal, social, political, and religious challenges to offer practical and spiritual support to themselves and their families.

REACHING OUT - Mission focussed activities and evangelism

This department aims tofoster a welcoming and sensitive environment that makes ourchurches relevant, inclusive, and available to every person, regardless of age, social class, gender, religious persuasion, ethnicity, or disability.

REACHING IN - Development and nurture of leaders and membership

Our objective is to encourage an inclusive approach that enables everyone to fully participate in the life of the church through worship, fellowship and service in a way that is meaningful to them and allows them to grow spiritually.

REACHING ACROSS - Whole church connectivity and engagement

Engaging the whole church in meeting the needs of diverse individuals by including them in corporate training events and making relevant resources available to them.

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Sharon Platt-Mcdonald

Sharon Platt-Mcdonald

Director Adventist Community Services, Health & Women Ministries


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