BUC Restoration Convalescence Project Launch

BUC Restoration Convalescence Project Launch

Sharon Platt-McDonald BUC Director for Health, Adventist Community Services and Women’s Ministries

"For I will restore health to you and heal you of your wounds, says the Lord."

Jeremiah 30:17 NKJV

What a beautiful promise God gives us, that for every sickness and wound, He is able to provide restoration. Jeremiah 30:17 is certainly a comforting and empowering scripture that we can refer to in times of challenge and times of need.

In this current season of lockdown, as a result of the global pandemic, it is quite apparent that the COVID-19 Coronavirus has caused immense loss, suffering and devastation. Oh, how we need to be restored physically, emotionally, mentally, socially, financially and spiritually. Yes, Jeremiah 30:17 is a wonderful scripture reference as we cry out to God for His intervention.

Yet, there is much that we can do on a practical level to bring relief to the suffering. As such, our BUC Health Ministries department is launching a Convalescence Project called ‘Restoration’ which seeks to meet the need of individuals recovering from the COVID-19 Coronavirus.

The challenge

An increasing number of people on their discharge from hospital, having been diagnosed and treated for COVID-19, are encountering various challenges when they return home. For example, several individuals have reported that they continue to experience breathing difficulties and significant fatigue. Some are reporting that they are feeling very flat and low in mood and even quite depressed. Others have reported that the ongoing fatigue is such that they are unable to adequately care for themselves. This prevents them getting out to shop for essential household items. They also have no energy even to prepare substantial meals for themselves. This has been a huge burden especially for those living alone.

On 15 April 2020, a New Scientist article carried the headlines – ‘Could the Coronavirus trigger post-viral fatigue syndromes?’*1  It states:  "Conditions like chronic fatigue syndrome have been linked to viral infections, so it’s possible that the Covid-19 virus may go on to trigger similar conditions." The article implies that this was the case with previous pandemics.
The article says, "There are hints from the related SARS virus that this may happen. After the SARS outbreak of 2002 to 2003, some people in Toronto, Canada, who were infected were recorded as experiencing fatigue, muscle weakness and sleep problems up to three years later."

The launch of the Restoration Convalescence Initiative is designed to assist such individuals. The BUC Health Ministries Department is partnering with the One Vision Project in the implementation and roll-out of this initiative. We are also working with Cllr Rabi Martins who is a Mental Health Champion for Watford and supports individuals in need of counselling. Additionally, the Stanborough Press is supporting this initiative with relevant publications for the community.

What can the Restoration Convalescence Project provide?

The project will provide the following:

  • Daily meals
  • Weekly shopping
  • Relevant publications on physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing
  • Counselling support

The project is being launched in 3 phases as followed:

Phase 1-

  • Delivery of daily meals to homes in the Watford area
  • Delivery of weekly shopping to homes in the Watford area
  • Delivery of a Wellness bag/box to homes in the Watford area. These will include essential household items and relevant publications for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing.
  • Counselling support for individuals in the Watford area

Please see contact details on the poster to access this service.

During phase 1, if individuals outside of the Watford area require the support listed above, they will need to arrange for volunteers to collect the items from the Stanborough Park church.

Please ring Enoch Kanagaraj on 07702 666667 to arrange collection of meals, essential household items, and the Wellness bag/box.

If individuals living outside the Watford area require counselling support, they can ring Cllr Rabi Martins on 07494 450325 who will assist them and or make the relevant referral.

Phase 2 –

  • Meal provision for volunteers who are collecting food for those in need outside of Watford and across the London area.
  • Provision of Wellness bags/boxes for volunteers to collect for individuals in need outside the Watford area and across London.
  • Establishing a hub/hubs for the storage of essential households items. Volunteers can then collect for people in need outside the Watford area and across London.
  • Provision of relevant publications on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

Phase 3 –

For those who may require convalescence away from home, there is a need to support such individuals. These would be people who are recovering from COVID-19 following their period of self-isolation, who would benefit from being in a Wellbeing establishment.

A change of environment for an initial period of 7 days in a supportive environment, would be extremely therapeutic in helping to restore strength and energy, as well as boost emotional and physical wellbeing. Limited part-funding is being secured to assist individuals who may require some financial support to attend a Health Retreat or establishment offering a Convalescence and Restorative programme.

This of course will be operational once the lockdown has been eased and hotels, guest houses and other establishments are allowed to return to normal business.

If this is an area of need for you or someone you know, please email Sharon Platt-McDonald at

If your church would like to get involved in the BUC Restoration Convalescence Project or become a hub for supporting local residents with shopping and household essentials, please make contact with Sharon Platt-McDonald on the email identified above.

Please keep this initiative in your prayers as we seek to support those in need during these challenging times.