23 April 21 - Vol 125 Issue 28

23 April 21 - Vol 125 Issue 28

Dear Friend

  • There’s a new High Sheriff in Bedfordshire – Eric Masih. ‘All that I am, what I have, what I can do, is because of the grace of God.’ John Bunyan would be proud, and so are we (page 7).
  • It’s the end of an era for the Edmonton church family. They are moving from their historic Cuckoo Hall Lane building. Fifi Mckenzie-Cook tells the story with an interesting roll call of ministers from 1922 to the present (pages 4 & 5).
  • The President of the Trans-European Division, Pastor Raafat Kamal, in conversation with the editor, emphasises that we are to have Christ-like compassion ‘without exception’ for all people (pages 8 & 9).
  • We introduce a new monthly column called ‘Earth and Soul’, written by David Wright, who for the next year is going to focus on environmental matters from a theological and biblical perspective. What are the implications for Adventist Christians on how we live? (Page 10.)
  • When members of the church family receive awards, it is a time to celebrate with them. Stanborough Press author Susanne Kirlew has received the ‘Wise Women Award’ for her outstanding Christian book (pages 10 & 11), and Helen and Mike Pearson have received the Charles Elliott Weniger Award for Excellence (page 14).
  • ‘Authority’, ‘alienation’ and ‘access’ are all changes that today’s generation of youth are facing, with a plea from Pastor Adam Ramdin to ‘give them more encouragement than we usually do’ (page 12).
  • Would you move home for the sake of the children? Andrew Puckering has been talking with some Adventist families who did just that – and they have no regrets (pages 18 & 19).

And there is so much more, with regular columns from George Knight, Sharon Platt-McDonald, Andrew Puckering, Nathan Stickland and Bert Smit. But, before closing the magazine, I wouldn’t want you to miss the letter on page 21, which raises a most perplexing question.
Sent with a prayer – that this edition of Messenger will continue to inform and educate, but most of all to inspire.
David Neal


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