Messenger vol 125 Issue 8

Messenger vol 125 Issue 8

Dear Friend and Colleague

For this week’s Monday uplift, please find attached Messenger 8 – an historic first! Taking a step back for a moment, the production of this edition is an inspiring illustration of the ability to embrace change. For the editorial team, putting it all together was a new way of working. Instead of running backwards and forwards along the Stanborough Press corridor with articles to be edited, text to be proof-read (the blessed red pen marks), and frequent reference to the design sheet, we worked remotely and paper-free! Thank you, team, and what a gift for reducing our carbon footprint!

And yet change is not without challenge. We miss being together and the friendly banter we enjoy. The pressure of the 6pm print deadline every Thursday afternoon was a healthy and exciting discipline. Continual editing on the screen, and working through detail via email or phone only, is a new skill to learn.

On a wider level, we’ve still yet to work out the challenge of Messenger readers we will leave behind going completely digital, albeit temporarily. If you can help us find a solution to this, we’d very much welcome your input. Staying connected with our non-digital readers is a matter we can’t ignore. It’s been heart-warning to hear stories of able-bodied members taking the time to deliver the Messenger 7 print edition to shut-ins, just as far as the letter box – thank you!

Messenger 8

  • Mrs Margaret Robertson, a champion of the Lord’s compassion, recently passed away. Her obituary is recorded in this edition. During the 1990s she served as Community Service Director for the South England Conference.
  • Llew Edwards provides further illustrations of how secular organisations can teach faithful Christians how to go the extra mile in serving each other.
  • Ian Sweeney notices things he usually doesn’t – on his ‘Boris walk’.
  • There’s news about how the church is mobilising into action during these times.
  • As an introduction to the new Bible study series on how to study Scripture, Dr Jeff Brown offers thoughts on what the Bible really says about dogs – versus what we think it says!
  • On the back page, the Scottish Mission team offer a competition for children to enjoy.
  • Finally, there’s the editorial – ‘And guide us when perplexed (part 2)’. If you think the road to Emmaus is a thrilling story, back in Jerusalem, the Gospel shines brighter than ever as a fallen one is restored.

To help us get Messenger to our regular readers, would you kindly forward this to your church family? If there’s an issue we report on that stirs you, write a letter; create a conversation; and, if there’s really something on your mind that would bless fellow readers, why not write an article?

Warmest wishes, as ever,




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