Messenger Vol 124 Issue 24

Messenger Vol 124 Issue 24

In this week’s Messenger:

  • Editorial – ‘The Word moved into the neigbourhood’ (page 3)
  • Season’s Greetings from BUC Field Leaders (page 4 & 5)
  • Remembering Anneli Helga (page 7)
  • Interview with East London School of Music Director, Fiona D. Pacquette (page 13)
  • Did you know there’s a new youth choir down the Elephant & Castle? (page 16)
  • Reflection - Pastor Weiers Coester invites us to go slower & see more (page 19)

This is the last Messenger for 2019. Look out for the new look, with improved and more relevant content during 2020. The plan is to steer Messenger from news to nurture and mission, change that will be gradual, but noticeable. I’d like to hear much more from you – to print – get the hint? I invite you to use Messenger to get messages that are important for your ministry, out to the readers, to help make our church grow into the community God wants it to be.

Trusting that the Advent season will be a wonderful time of refreshment – for you and your family. 

A privilege to partner with you in ministry, as ever.

Best wishes from me, and the superb editorial team I serve with

David Neal



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