Newcastle Church Empowering Their Women

Newcastle Church Empowering Their Women

Lynne Sesinye Samwinga

Nineteen women from Newcastle Seventh-day Adventist church went out for a meal and a walk along the Tyne river on Sunday 1 September. This outing had been planned for weeks by the Women's Ministries (WM) team, led by Pamela Matsvimbo. The aim of the event was to bring women together for a time of social and spiritual bonding.

When all the ladies had arrived and had enjoyed a sumptuous meal the forum was set for a time of sharing on various topics of discussion. After the meal the ladies went for a walk by the river and continued to talk, laugh and take pictures. As evening drew near the women prayed together before leaving for their respective homes.

The idea behind this was for the women to build sisterly relationships and provide a forum where they can address issues/topics that affect women. It was also an opportunity to provide a safe place for a support system for hurting women (whether they are suffering from divorce, abuse, or just loneliness), so that they can learn from each other in order gain encouragement and emotional healing.

When women gather in godliness like this, beautiful unity will start to be seen. The women grow, the young girls are trained, the old women are honoured, the lost and lonely are reached, needs are met, justice is brought and God is glorified. The whole church benefits when women unite.

The Newcastle Women's Ministries team have not been focusing only on adult women, they have been meeting and mentoring with young women (youth) and teen girls. Newcastle church has members from diverse racial and cultural backgrounds ‒ there are Caucasians from Britain, Portugal, Poland, Romania, and Ukraine; Africans from Angola, Botswana, Nigeria, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe; Caribbeans from Guyana and Jamaica; South-East Asians from the Philippines and Malaysia; South Asians from India; and some from Mexico and Honduras in the Americas.

The second meeting ‒ a banquet for the women, has been planned for November. There is no looking back now for the women. It seems they have been inspired by Psalm 133:1 that says, "Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren (in this case ‒ sisters) to dwell together in unity!" Women across Conferences, Unions and Divisions could benefit from the implementation of such initiatives and programmes in their churches.