Baptism of Seven Souls at Porth Dafarch

Baptism of Seven Souls at Porth Dafarch

Elder Edwin Abacan

The heavens opened at the baptism of seven precious souls at Porth Dafarch, Anglesey, on the morning of Sabbath 25th May 2024. Defying the weather forecast of 'cloudy with a chance of rain,' the day paved the way for church members from Knowsley, Warrington and Southport to congregate. 

Uninterrupted singing filled the occupied corner of the cove, where the clear water attracted swimmers and others participating in various water activities. The baptismal service turned into a very public spectacle, halting all activities out of curiosity and astonishment. As the seven candidates were taken into the water, the service commanded full attention, with all eyes on them. This "public performance" was officiated by Pastors Julian Kastrati, Romel Ricarte, and Geofrey Mapiki, creating a magnificent and picturesque sight to behold. The baptism ceremony also became an excellent opportunity to answer questions and distribute books and pamphlets to spectators—a witnessing activity both "in sight" and "in words."

The newly baptised brothers and sisters are husband and wife Brian and Sue Gilhooley, and Jake Gohetia from Knowsley; Nuria Batista and Jeffril Aswin from Warrington; and Mark Hitchens and Simon Lakes from Southport. They were prompted by the Holy Spirit after a series of Bible studies led by Pastor Romel Ricarte (Knowsley and Warrington) and retired Pastor Geofrey Mapiki (Southport).

The day concluded with a fellowship lunch for all three churches at the top of the hill overlooking the Irish Sea. As the day unfolded, it became evident that a regular spiritual and social meeting among these churches had been born. What a happy day indeed!