Transforming Our Future: Potential New Headquarters for the NEC

Transforming Our Future: Potential New Headquarters for the NEC

Pastor George Kumi

Since 1922, the North England Conference (NEC) headquarters at 22 Zulla Road, Nottingham, has been the cornerstone of our mission; organising, supporting and equipping churches across our territory. With over a century of blessings, our membership has grown to exceed 12,000, prompting the Executive Committee to evaluate whether our current headquarters still meets our evolving needs.

The NEC Executive Committee has undertaken an extensive review and identified Asher House in Ripley, Derbyshire, as a promising option for our new headquarters. This potential new location offers several key benefits, aligning with our long-term strategic objectives:

  • Mission Fulfilment: The spacious facilities at Asher House would enable us to host a variety of community and evangelistic events, creating numerous opportunities for outreach and engagement with the local community.
  • Conference Facility: There will be a large, dedicated conference room, which will seat up to 450 individuals, would be ideal for hosting training events, regional days of fellowship, workshops, and more. This would reduce the need to hire external venues and allow us to invest in our own property.
  • Resource Centre: A well-stocked library and resource centre would provide essential materials for pastors, Bible workers, and members, supporting their personal growth and ministry efforts.
  • Media Facilities: The modern studios at Asher House would significantly upgrade our capacity to produce high-quality digital content, enhancing our media presence and outreach efforts.

The acquisition of Asher House would mark a significant step forward in our mission to minister to our members and reach out to non-Adventists. Our current headquarters at Zulla Road is no longer fit for purpose, and as we continue to grow as a Conference, ensuring our headquarters meet the needs of our organisation and local churches is vitally important.

To ensure this decision is made with the full involvement of our church family, the Executive Committee has appointed a sub-committee to oversee the feasibility of the move. As part of our commitment to transparency and inclusive decision-making, we will engage with our members through a series of town hall meetings, social media updates, and a special edition of the NEC Communicator. Invitations to town hall meetings will be shared in the coming weeks, providing opportunities for members to ask questions and share their views.

We ask for your prayers and support as we navigate this significant decision. As 1 Chronicles 12:32 reminds us, "The sons of Issachar, men who knew how to discern the times, to know what Israel should do," we too seek to discern the times and make wise decisions for the future of our Conference.

May God bless you as we prayerfully pursue this all-important venture for the glory of our God.


Pastor George Kumi