Women's Emphasis Day at Newport Adventist Church

Women's Emphasis Day at Newport Adventist Church

Samantha Fessal, Welsh Mission Women’s Ministries Sponsor

My Women's Emphasis Day in the Welsh Mission was a beautiful experience shared with the Newport church, a day that was meticulously organised by Ruth Manyela, the Women's Ministries Leader, and Flopper Tshuma, the Women's Ministries Assistant Leader. The ladies, united in their leadership, guided us through the day, starting with the workshop seminar and Sabbath School. The Divine Hour speaker, Chioma Chigbo-Akwada, delivered a powerful sermon from the General Conference Women's Ministries – 'The God who sees you'.

The sermon was a profound moment for the ladies and the congregation, a moment that allowed us to truly understand that the God who created all things has and is keeping His eye on us. He is still watching over us and saying that no matter what we are going through, He is right there with us – up close and personal. The introduction to the story of Rizpah, a figure previously unknown to many, was a tribute to how God sees us even when we feel invisible to others. This message was incredibly encouraging, especially in light of the challenges we face in our personal circumstances and the world today.

The ladies commented that they had been blessed and encouraged by the workshop material, the singing, the prayers, the sermon and the fellowship. We were reminded that God is faithful to us in everything He does. He never fails us. My prayer and hope is that we become more loyal to Him (Hebrews 10:22-23).

The day ended ministering in song to a couple of residential elderly care homes, one of which I attended with church members.

The residents were especially appreciative of being able to sing hymns that recognised the D-Day celebrations, enabling them to pay tribute to the fallen heroes of the World Wars. A word of encouragement was shared, songs were sung, and prayers were spoken to minister to the residents who spent that time with us. One particular resident shared a poem that he had written as a way of gratitude for the visit.

As the day came to a close, a deep sense of gratitude and appreciation filled our hearts. We had the privilege of remembering and celebrating the fact that we serve a God who sees us, a God who is intimately involved in our lives. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to spend this day with the Newport church, a community I hold dear.