Romanian Day of Fellowship Celebrated in London

Romanian Day of Fellowship Celebrated in London

Pastor Bogdan Dumitru

On June 8th, the inaugural Romanian Day of Fellowship occurred in London, bringing together approximately 700 members from eight Romanian churches within the British Union Conference (BUC). The event aimed to foster unity and celebrate the Romanian Seventh-day Adventist community, including congregations from London, Portsmouth, Wokingham, Middlesbrough, and Dublin.

The event featured inspiring speeches from prominent leaders such as Eglan Brooks, President of the BUC, and Pastor Kwesi Moore, Director of the Ministerial Association from the South England Conference. Recorded messages from Pastor Daniel Duda, President of the Trans-European Division, Pastor Aurel Neațu, President of the Romanian Union, and Pastor Kirk Thomas, President of the South England Conference, added to the event's significance. Pastor Dan Șerb, the newly appointed Vice-Principal at Newbold College and Pastor Emanuel Bran, the Executive Secretary at the North England Conference, further enriched the program.

We were privileged to have the Romanian Ambassador to the UK, the Honourable Ms. Laura Popescu, and Members of the European Parliament, Rareș Bogdan and Vlad Nistor, in attendance. We enjoyed the presence of several Romanian pastors from the BUC, including Christian Salcianu, Vicențiu Dranca, and Vili Costescu, alongside the organising pastors, Bogdan Dumitru and Gabriel Ciocârlan.

This was the event's first edition, and we are excited to announce that we will continue with the second edition next year, which will also celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Romanian Seventh-day Adventist Church in London. It was a wonderful event. We reiterated the history of each church and how God has guided us thus far. We thank God for His guidance and blessings.”