Area 1 Adventists Engage with Community at Royal Cornwall Show

Area 1 Adventists Engage with Community at Royal Cornwall Show

Pastor Caleb Akinola

­­The Royal Cornwall Show, an annual highlight in the Cornwall area of the United Kingdom, once again drew in crowds of over 117,000 attendees. This event, known for its vibrant mix of business displays, free services, shoppers, and admirers of the beautiful environment, lived up to its reputation. Among the many participants, at the 4-day event, Seventh-day Adventists from Area 1 (Devon & Cornwall) made a significant impact, contributing to the community through a range of free services and Christian literature.

The Seventh-day Adventist tent was a hub of activity, offering free medical services, bottles of water, and a variety of Christian literature, including lifestyle magazines, "The Great Controversy," "The Desire of Ages," Bibles, and more. The response was overwhelming, with the number of visitors to our tent surpassing 100 on the first day—a record in our history of participating in the show. Over the three days, the numbers continued to rise, reflecting the growing interest and engagement from the community.

Our volunteers and pastors were thrilled by the turnout. The atmosphere was both fun and spiritually enriching. The excitement was palpable as we watched the steady stream of people entering our tent. Our inviting slogan, "We know you might have been to many places, but there is one good place you should explore...our tent is a place where you come in and leave happier," proved true. Visitors left our tent with smiles, feeling uplifted and enriched.

The final day of the show, Saturday, June 8th, brought unexpected weather challenges. Rain drove many attendees to seek shelter, and our tent became a sanctuary for those in need. This provided a unique opportunity to connect with even more people, offering warmth, comfort, and spiritual support.

We owe a special thanks to our dedicated pastors in Area 1 and the volunteers who made this event a success. A heartfelt acknowledgement goes to Pastor Steven Hulbert whose tireless efforts and energy were instrumental. He practically set up our tent and all the instruments days before the show began, ensuring everything was ready for the event.

The Royal Cornwall Show of 2024 was a resounding success for Area 1 of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. The experience has left us motivated and excited, and we eagerly look forward to participating again in 2025. This event not only allowed us to serve the community but also strengthened our bonds and commitment to our mission. We are grateful to God for the opportunity and for the continued support of our pastors and volunteers.