Plumstead Church's Community Health Day Offers Free Health Services to Residents

Plumstead Church's Community Health Day Offers Free Health Services to Residents

Ndumie Mafu

On June 9th, Plumstead Community Seventh-day Adventist Church's Health Ministries Department hosted a community health day, providing free health checks and juicing demonstrations. The event hailed as a significant community service, saw over 40 local residents receiving essential health screenings, including blood pressure, BMI, and blood glucose tests, conducted by qualified clinicians.

Participants were also treated to educational demonstrations and tastings of freshly prepared fruit juices aimed at addressing common health issues such as high blood pressure and diabetes. Several attendees were referred to their GP for further evaluation, including one individual who had not seen a GP or had their blood pressure checked in the five years since moving to the UK. This person was particularly pleased to have their health check results and for the guidance given to him to register with a GP and present these results for further medical support.

The event also provided guidance on weight management and maintaining healthy sugar levels, with juicing sessions led by an experienced dietician. Mental health support was available as well, with qualified practitioners on-site to assist those in need.

As part of the initiative, community members received books like "The Great Controversy," aimed at promoting spiritual health alongside physical well-being.

The day highlighted Plumstead Community SDA Church's dedication to the health and well-being of the local community.