Mid-Wales Day of Fellowship and Gift Aid Consultation

Mid-Wales Day of Fellowship and Gift Aid Consultation

Max McKenzie-Cook, BUC Associate Executive Secretary

In a heartening display of unity and fellowship, mid-Wales witnessed a remarkable gathering on Sabbath, 20 April, as all churches within the region joined hands for a day of profound spiritual enrichment and deep fellowship at Telford. Representatives from diverse churches graced the event, adding their voices to a symphony of uplifting melodies, highlighted by the soul-stirring performance of the Telford Ghana choir.

As the day progressed, a consultation on gift aid unfolded, underscoring the collective commitment of the attendees to bolstering the Welsh Mission's capital endeavours. The British Union Conference (BUC) spearheaded discussions on maximising the impact of gift aid, with presentations led by leaders from the BUC, including Jacques Venter (Executive Secretary), Aftab Barki (Associate Treasurer), and Wederly Aguiar (Treasurer). The active participation of the attendees in these deliberations highlighted their understanding of the pivotal role of effective communication in harnessing the potential of gift aid to advance the Mission's noble cause.

The day culminated in prayer, a fitting conclusion to a day filled with fellowship, spiritual nourishment, and visionary discourse. As attendees departed, they felt a renewed sense of purpose and optimism, a testament to the event's success in uniting hearts, uplifting spirits, and rekindling dreams for a better tomorrow for the Welsh Mission. The collective energy of the gathering, buoyed by the attendees, was a clear indication of the event's positive impact.