From Chance Encounter to Compassionate Connection

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From Chance Encounter to Compassionate Connection

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In July 2023, Pastor Wilfred Masih, serving the Highlands district, yet again embarked on a journey to the Shetland Islands. His aim was to rekindle connections forged during the previous spring's Reflecting Hope campaign and to explore new connections. His trip coincided with the Tall Ships Festival in Lerwick, where he crossed paths with a representative from the Archie Foundation, leading to a meaningful connection. The Archie Foundation was formed in 2000 to support the build of a new Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital. The charity started with a simple mission – to make a difference for local sick children, providing much-needed extras not catered for by the NHS. The Foundation has now helped over one million children and has become a key provider of vital support to families across the North of Scotland. 

Pastor Masih shared this encounter with Pastor Weiers Coetser, who ministers to the Aberdeen and Bucksburn district. Inspired by the Foundation’s endeavours, the Bucksburn group consisting of 14 members, felt compelled to contribute. Together, they organised a fundraiser and raised £310 in support of the cause.

In response to Bucksburn’s donation, the Archie Foundation expressed their gratitude in the form of a beautifully hand-written card, demonstrating the significant impact our actions can have.

In the tapestry of life, our encounters often carry a touch of mystery, weaving together unexpected threads that shape our journeys in unforeseen ways. A chance meeting, like Pastor Masih's encounter with the Archie Foundation representative amidst the bustling Tall Ships Festival, sparked a chain reaction of events that led to the formation of a positive connection. It serves as a reminder that even the smallest interactions can ripple outward, paving the way for something beautiful to emerge. Through acts of generosity and empathy, we reflect the divine light within us, illuminating the path for others to find solace, hope, and healing.

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