New Pathfinder and Adventurer clubs in the Irish Mission

New Pathfinder and Adventurer clubs in the Irish Mission

Rayranna Cardoso

Saturday, 30 March 2024, was a very special day for the Waterford Seventh-day Adventist Church, in Ireland. With great happiness in our hearts, the Pathfinder and Adventurer clubs were presented for the very first time in the Waterford church. The Waterford Crystal Pathfinder and Waterford Crystal Adventurer clubs had their induction day that took place at the Waterford Academy of Music and Art. Around 50 people were present, including Pr Fillipe Lessa, pastor of Waterford church, Pr Pastor Ben Pontanar, Pathfinder Sponsor for the Irish Mission, who was responsible to invest every pathfinder, adventurer and leader. 


The dream of finally having the Pathfinder and Adventure Clubs was born in the heart of Katherine Naresh many years ago, before we even had children in the church. Many years later we can see how God has blessed us with so many teenagers, who are currently being taught by Emmanuel Ugwueze and Dorothy Shortfall (Pathfinder leaders) and children who are led by Linda Nkiwane and Rayranna Cardoso (Adventurer leaders).


Our gratitude to God is enormous when we see how much he has guided us this far. The Waterford church has been growing steadily and we hope that our new Pathfinder and Adventurer clubs will be to the honour and glory of God and also a blessing to our city.