Holloway Church Invests in New Pathfinder Drum Corp Kits: A Blessing to the Community

Holloway Church Invests in New Pathfinder Drum Corp Kits: A Blessing to the Community

Emeka Nwokoye

In a momentous celebration during the Pathfinder/Adventurer Induction Service on Sabbath 17th of February, Holloway Church unveiled their newest investment: a set of Pathfinder Drum Corp Kits. Led by Senior Pastor, Pastor Mario Phillip and some Holloway Elders, the congregation joined to dedicate these instruments to God, praying for the continued blessings of the Pathfinders' drum team on the community.

Pastor Phillip marked the occasion by reaffirming the church’s commitment to the spiritual and musical development of their youth. The investment in the new drum corp kits symbolised not only a financial purchase but a spiritual investment in the talents and aspirations of the young but experienced Pathfinders drum team.

Pastor Phillip, with support from some Elders, led a heartfelt time of dedication, offering prayers of gratitude and blessings over the newly acquired instruments. His words echoed the congregation's collective hope and faith that the Pathfinders' drum team would continue to be a source of inspiration and blessing to the community, showing discipline and precision with their talents. He encouraged the Pathfinder drummers to approach their drumming with dedication, passion, and a spirit of humility, knowing that their talents had the power to uplift souls and bring joy to those around them.

As the dedication concluded and the Pathfinder drummers took their place behind the drums, a sense of purpose and unity filled the sanctuary. As the Pathfinders' drum team continues to minister to the community, their rhythms will serve as a reminder of God's presence and blessings in the midst of life's journey.