Head of Social Service Award

Head of Social Service Award

Dr Patrick Herbert

On a Sabbath morning, Sister Annastacia Chenjerai can be found sharing captivating stories from around the world with eager children. Her careful narration reveals two things: her profound love for children and her deep commitment to family values.

As a Family Social Worker, Annastacia's approach to her role in the community has not gone unnoticed by her colleagues. They have commended her for demonstrating a steadfast dedication to the families she serves. "She consistently meets 100% performance stats, showing a consistent approach to her families. They are regularly seen and family support meetings take place monthly ensuring the recommended plan is reviewed and progressed," they note, highlighting her diligent work ethic.

Annastacia's exemplary service has also garnered praise from professionals outside her immediate employment circle, recognising her for the support and guidance she provides to families. Furthermore, her willingness to challenge professionals and even her supervisor in advocating for the children's best interests has been particularly lauded.

As Seventh-day Adventists, we understand our calling to be a light in this world. Amidst challenges, we are urged to stand firm in excellence and integrity. In our workplaces and communities, we strive to exemplify these virtues. It is with pride that we announce Annastacia Chenjerai, a dedicated shepherdess from the North England Conference, has been honoured with the 'Head of Service Award' for Best Social Worker – for Protecting Children, an accolade bestowed by Milton Keynes Council on March 19th 2024.

Her husband, Pastor Pardon Chenjerai, and their family are incredibly proud of Annastacia's impactful contributions to the workplace. We pray that God will continue to use Annastacia as an asset in the community.