SEC Elders Retreat: Leadership in a Changing Context

SEC Elders Retreat: Leadership in a Changing Context

SEC Communications

The South England Conference (SEC) Elders Training Weekend, held from March 15-17, 2024, at Hay's Wood Retreat Centre in Norfolk, gathered 127 elders from across the territory. Themed "Leadership in a Changing Context: Elders Rising to the Challenge," the event organised by the SEC Ministerial Association department facilitated a time of learning, spiritual renewal, and empowerment. The schedule included worship, presentations, sessions, and workshops all designed to support the personal and spiritual development of the elders, emphasising their vital role in the context of the changing church and societal landscape.

The event featured key SEC Administrative leaders—President Kirk Thomas, Executive Secretary Nathan Stickland, and Treasurer Ann Swaby—along with various departmental directors. Additionally, representatives from the British Union Conference (BUC) made valuable contributions.

Chaplain Alisha Edwards, a Commissioned Minister and Clinical Ministry Education Specialist from AdventHealth in Orlando, Florida, served as the keynote speaker. Her expertise in chaplaincy, enriched by her academic background in mass communication and pastoral counselling, laid the foundation for discussions on the transformative impact of ministry and the need for holistic healing through the Holy Spirit. Among the weekend's highlights was her sermon "Get Low Tentatively", which called for humility and service in leadership.

The weekend concluded with participants expressing their appreciation for the opportunity to engage in learning and spiritual growth, reflect on the challenges and opportunities facing local church elders, and prepare to further their mission with renewed vigour. The collective sentiment was encapsulated in the vision statement: "Go SEC, Elders Inspired for Mission."