ASI-UK Relaunched at Newbold

ASI-UK Relaunched at Newbold

Michael Garkov and Catherine Anthony Boldeau

On Sabbath 2 March, ASI-UK was relaunched at Newbold College, marking a historic moment for the lay-led organisation. Numerous distinguished guests from ASI Europe and the church attended the inauguration ceremony. Dr Christiane Theiss, the ASI Europe President, welcomed church officials, including Dr Daniel Duda  ̶  Trans-European Division President; Pastor Eglan Brooks  ̶  British Union Conference (BUC) President; and Pastor Nathan Stickland  ̶  South England Conference Executive Secretary. In his speech, Pastor Brooks explained how the BUC's strategic priorities align with ASI's vision and emphasised that "there is work in this country that only laymen and women can do." The devotional message by Elder Craig Gooden encouraged everyone to be bold in proclaiming the gospel in our secular environment.

The programme was full of moving testimonies from ASI members throughout Europe showing that God is at work even today, including a massive international outreach event for the Olympic Games in Paris with hundreds of ASI volunteers, an Adventist oncological hospital run by ASI in Romania, young people ignited for mission by ASI Scandinavia and many more. In his testimony, Lorand Soares Szasz from ASI Portugal explained that at first, he thought ASI "was a group of rich Adventists who just gave money to causes," so he didn't want to join the organisation. Later, his perception changed. Now he says, "You don't go to ASI to show off but to work and give your time, money and skills to God." With emotion in his voice, Lorand concluded that ASI changed his life. ADRA-UK and the Reflecting Hope project also made inspiring mission presentations. 

During the evening meeting, Elder Michael Garkov  ̶  ASI Europe Treasurer, and Daniel Klop explained the constitution of ASI-UK, as well as the different types of memberships available, including business owners, professionals, and church members who run a ministry or support the work of ASI. The highlight of the meeting was the official inauguration of the ASI-UK chapter, with ten founding members. All church officials and elders were invited to surround the founding members in a prayer of dedication, a very solemn moment with a strong sense of the presence of the Holy Spirit.

The meeting was concluded by Michael Garkov  ̶  the initiator of the ASI-UK restart, who acknowledged the prior work of ASI-UK and shared his vision for the organisation's future. His dream is for ASI-UK to propel into "a powerful movement led by the Holy Spirit that will sweep across the UK, inspiring lay members who will inspire other members to work together with each other and with the church in reaching the people in the UK for Jesus Christ." Elder Garkov outlined the organisation's next steps, including a General Meeting to be held within the next few months where Executive Committee officers will be elected. ASI-UK is open to new applications for members. For more information, visit