Faith Leaders, Wellbeing and Awards at Parliament

Faith Leaders, Wellbeing and Awards at Parliament

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On 22 January 2024, a One Vision charity Health and Wellbeing Conference Awards event was held at the Palace of Westminster in the UK Parliament and attended by faith leaders.

Twenty-two nominees were recognised and awarded for their visionary and impactful outreach work. MP Dean Russell presented the awards and expressed gratitude for their innovative and dedicated service to the community. Deputy Lieutenant Harjit Singh gifted six of the nominees with a Siropa, a robe of honour presented in his culture to individuals who have achieved something remarkable.

Among the 22 individuals receiving the awards were two Seventh-day Adventists. One of these individuals was Sharon Platt-McDonald, a British Union Conference Director. She was recognised for her contributions to the community, mainly through her work with Health Ministries, Women's Ministries, and Adventist Community Services. Recently, she spearheaded the Mental Health Project by creating the '4 Pillars Intervention' in partnership with Hertfordshire Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust (HPFT). She is leading the effort to improve mental health in Black and Asian Communities, focusing on faith, culture, nutrition, and exercise. She was presented with a Siropa during the ceremony, which surprised her.

Dr Jude Jeanville, the President of the African Caribbean Dual Heritage Alliance (ACDHA), was presented with an award in recognition of his exceptional leadership in ACDHA, his contribution to One Vision community initiatives, and his continuous ministry impact through his pastoral work and significant community engagement.

The One Vision charity planned the initiative to inspire hope at the start of the year. The initiative seeks to highlight solutions for challenges related to health and wellbeing, particularly those affecting BAME groups. It also aims to showcase the groups and interventions that are addressing the key issues impacting these individuals.

Enoch Kanagaraj, the Founder and CEO, stated, "We firmly believe that real progress can only be achieved through the combined efforts of awareness, education and collaboration. Our conference was designed to serve as a catalyst that empowered individuals and organisations to take proactive measures to improve the health and wellbeing of the Black and Asian communities."

During the event, Sharon Platt-McDonald, a keynote speaker and an award recipient, shared her thoughts on the occasion.

She expressed her admiration for the exceptional work done by professionals and volunteers and their positive impact on their clients and organisations.

She also highlighted the importance of collaborative efforts in meeting the diverse needs of our communities and improving individual wellbeing.

Finally, she congratulated and applauded the other nominees for their excellent work and well-deserved awards.

Dr Jude Jeanville, who was awarded for his contributions, expressed his thoughts on One Vision's evening of awareness and awards at the Houses of Parliament. According to him, the event was informative and emotional as they listened to various panellists and personal stories from individuals who either experienced mental health challenges or supported those who needed it.

Reflecting on his award, Dr Jeanville expressed his gratitude towards One Vision's board of trustees, who recommended him for the award. He further added that he aims to educate, support and guide individuals towards accessing help through any service provider, especially the NHS and affiliated mental health services, which he believes are second to none.

Abhha Sandill, a Rapid Transformation Therapist and Life Coach, expressed her gratitude for the keynote speech given by Sharon Platt-Macdonald. According to Abhha, Sharon's presentation was research-informed, encouraging and inspiring. It showcased that concerted efforts can make a real difference in improving people's health and wellbeing. She added that Sharon's bespoke 4-pillar delivery model supports people in addressing culturally appropriate mental health support and preventive strategies. It is a vital part of the Heritage Heard project for Black African and Caribbean communities that One Vision is running, supported by HPFT.

Deputy Lieutenant Harjit Singh said, "During our event, expert speakers discussed crucial topics such as mental health, nutrition, exercise, and preventive care, highlighting the influence of culture and faith from different perspectives.

"As we begin our journey in 2024, we aim to gain valuable insights, establish connections with like-minded individuals, and create a supportive community while building community connectors. We aim to pave the way for a healthier, more inclusive future!"