Scottish Mission Training Day: Igniting Leaders, Building Community

Scottish Mission Training Day: Igniting Leaders, Building Community

Crieff, ScotlandWeiers Coetser

The Scottish Mission held its annual training day on Sunday, 28 January. This wasn't just a recurring gathering, it was a catalyst for inspiration and development. Over 100 committed leaders from across Scotland gathered in Crieff Adventist Church eager to connect, learn, and return empowered to their communities.

Keynote with a Moral Compass

The keynote presenter for the day had travelled from Dublin to inspire those who attended. Pastor Damion Lewis's presentation struck a resonant chord. Drawing wisdom from Jesus' visit to Bethany, he highlighted the contrasting approaches of Martha, Lazarus, and Mary, emphasising the crucial balance between service, humility, and self-awareness in effective leadership. His message, "There is nothing more valuable than rendering excellent service in humility," reverberated throughout the day.

Empowering Diverse Ministries

Leaders from Pathfinders, Youth, Women, Health, Personal Ministries, Communication and Treasury departments delved into focused sessions tailored to their unique roles. Sharing best practices, addressing shared challenges, and exploring creative solutions, they returned equipped to revitalise their ministries. Elders and Deacons delved deeper into Christian ethics, while communication leaders from across Scotland strategised social media outreach, while exploring options to invest in audio-visual advancements for their congregations.

The day was also impactful for Personal Ministries leaders who attended sessions let by Pastor Wilfred Masih and Pastor Kayle de Waal from the Trans European Division. The sessions by these two church leaders focussed on fostering vibrant discipleship. Leaders learned how to nurture people's journeys, train them, and equip those ready to join the challenge of making disciples. This vital component promises to enrich the life of the Scottish Adventist community.

Lasting Impact

"This was a fantastic opportunity to connect and learn from each other's innovations," remarked an attendee, capturing the spirit of collaboration they experienced during the event. Pastor Botha expressed his pride in the leaders' hunger for learning and dedication, confident that the day's learnings will have a lasting impact in local churches and the Mission as a whole, and thanking everyone who had a hand in making the day a success.

Several training activities are planned for the rest of the year. Some of the departments who did not hold their training this weekend will conduct their training sessions shortly. An important Safeguarding training event is also planned via Zoom for May 12th with more details to become available in coming weeks.