Connect & Convey: Mastering Media and Communication

SEC Communication and Media Training Day 2024

Connect & Convey: Mastering Media and Communication

Darell J. Philip

Stanborough Park Church was filled with participants in attendance at the SEC Communication and Media Training Day, which took place on Sunday, 28th January 2024.

As well as a presentation given by newly appointed ADRA-UK CEO Hélia Mateus on international partnerships and humanitarian aid, which over the last five years (2019-2023) has helped over 1 million people in 13 countries, with 53% of those being children, there were also four insightful workshops demonstrating Mastering Media and Communication.

Paula Carillo, BUC IT Manager, introduced the new Adventist Website platform for local churches. It is scheduled to go live in September 2024 and will replace the current Net Adventist website platform, which has been running since 2012. As well as sharing the new theme, different functions, and navigation portals on the site, Carillo also encouraged church communication officers to consider the user experience when creating a church website to meet the multi-sensory needs of those who access it.

Ryan Daly, an award-winning Video Creator, and member of the Croydon SDA Church, had the audience captivated and in awe with his presentation, which demonstrated how churches could develop a more significant social media presence through the creation of appealing content. Daly shared examples of content showcasing the talents of the youth as well as those of the senior members of the church, which were posted on various social media platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook, with one TikTok video attracting over 800,000 views in a relatively short space of time. Daly is an inspiration not only for the younger generation to which he belongs but also for those who are gradually getting to grips with this social media phenomenon, which is fast becoming a growing trend today.

In his workshop – The ABC of Storytelling: Advancing Your Church’s Visibility, SEC Communications and Media Director Pastor Sorin Petrof, PhD, gave some valuable tips on how to get news coverage on the SEC Adventist platforms and those in local media sources. He told audience members the importance of having a catchy headline with a strong opening paragraph addressing the 5Ws (Who, What, When, Where, Why) and H (How) and employing various writing techniques such as show, not tell. Using figurative language (similes, metaphors, and alliteration) keeps the reader informed and engaged.

The final workshop, presented by SEC Audio Specialist Andraé Johnson, gave practical insight into church audio with topics covered, including choosing the right equipment and audio for online. Johnson could not emphasise enough the importance of high-quality sound in church livestreams and uploaded videos from the church service, which would enhance the worship experience of the viewer.

The participants also engaged in conversations during lunch, where they enjoyed delicious and healthy vegetarian food prepared by Earl Ramharacksingh, the former BUC Treasurer, currently associated with ADRA UK, and his team Jackie, Susan, Shirley, and Sean (all family members).

Workshop Presentations