End of Year Message from the Scottish Mission President

Pastor Jimmy Botha shares year-end greetings

End of Year Message from the Scottish Mission President

Crieff ScotlandPastor Jimmy Botha

Pastor Jimmy Botha, President of the Scottish Mission sends his greetings at the end of a very active and exciting year in the Mission. The video can be watched here.

"As we're looking towards 2024, we also have an opportunity to look back at what we have done in the year-gone-past."

Enjoy watching the reflection!

The video refers to several events that took place during the year.


Here are some links to remember and re-live those events: Pathfinder Camporee, August, 2023:

Elder's Symposium, September 2023:

Shetland Outreach:

Some beautiful articles in the Adventist Review by Marco Paseggi:


A correction to an inadvertent mistake in Pastor Botha's presentation. The two pastors who visited Shetland again was Pastor Wilfred Masih and Weiers Coetser.

Here is an article about that visit:

Pastor Botha's message follows on an earlier video that was released in which Pastors and Departmental Sponsors of the Scotttish MIssion offer their festive greetings to members and friends of the Scottish mission.

This video can be viewed here