Glasgow Teens Embrace Fun and Faith at Movie Night

Glasgow Teens Embrace Fun and Faith at Movie Night

On December 9th, 2023, the Glasgow Teens Bible Club organised a movie night at the church premises.

GlasgowBlandine Damtse

On December 9th, 2023, the Glasgow Teens Bible Club organised a movie night at the church premises. Fourteen children, joined by eight parents, enjoyed watching an educational and inspirational movie about Martin Luther. They were reminded of the pre-eminence of Scripture over tradition and church hierarchy, and the importance of courageously upholding truth and sharing the Gospel and its transformative power as the means to salvation.

Six hours flew by as the youngsters enjoyed delicious food and played various party games. The kids had an absolute blast, enjoying plenty of fun and laughter throughout, truly making the most of their time. The event became even more thrilling when the parents who came to support the initiative, enthusiastically joined in the activities.

Following the game session, everyone gathered in the main hall, where 'Luther 2003', the movie, was about to begin. Witnessing Martin Luther's pivotal role in sparking the Protestant Reformation was truly captivating. Many found inspiration in his bold stance for his beliefs. The youngsters grasped the movie's theme and picked up on some significant details remarkably well.

“It was quite educational and it helped me to see the real reason why we believe.  The games were also fun, I really enjoyed them. They were different from what we usually do, which is nice. I like the Teen Bible Club because it is a great platform for the youth to both understand and ask questions about the Bible as we usually don’t have the opportunity to do so. It is not that boring as people might think; it is pretty fun and instructive!” Felix, 14.

Chelsea, 12, agrees “It’s not actually boring; it’s quite fun! We are with our friends, we learn the Bible in a fun way and also get to ask all our questions to the Pastor.”

Kiki, 13, confessed to have taken a clear resolution at the end of the movie, “ to stand up for what I believe in and to not let other people bring me down, no matter what.” Kiki also loved the game session, especially the karaoke, and commented on the good food. “I enjoy being part of the Bible Club and appreciate the Pastor’s efforts to give us a good experience.”

Jared, aged 10, shared that he had lots of fun and discovered valuable lessons about teamwork through the games. Additionally, the movie served as a source of inspiration for him to further develop his faith and to approach his words and actions with more consideration. Commenting on the Bible Club, Jared says “the best thing about the club is that the Pastor answers all our questions, gives us assignments, and encourages us to do presentations and discussions; it is so spiritually uplifting.”

Thando, 12, is a non-SDA pre-teen who was invited by his friends. He said to have enjoyed every single moment of the event and shared what he’d learnt, “to always pray to God”.  

The aim of this event was to show kids that the church is a welcoming space for them to socialise, learn, play, and have fun. For adults, it was a gentle reminder not to lose touch with their inner child.

The movie and games night is the second event organised by the Teens Bible Club since its establishment in March 2023. In June, the youngsters participated in a successful sustainable cooking contest.

The teens also meet on Zoom every Wednesday at 7:30pm for an hour of teen-friendly Bible studies and faith-based discussions with the Pastor. Pr Claudiu explained that the Teens Bible Club serves as a platform to foster a deeper understanding of the Bible and its narratives among kids. It's not only about enhancing their understanding but also about cultivating a sense of belonging and shared purpose. In addition, plans are underway to initiate regular meetings for teens, providing them with opportunities to build friendships and nurture a dedication to community service. Plans are also underway to establish a Teens’ choir, envisioned to reinvigorate worship and inspire the community being served by the Glasgow church.

A special thank you extends to Pawkeelar Shirmus, Pastor Claudiu Popescu, Phelomen Mukangiliye, and all the parents involved.