Empowering Church Leaders: A Weekend of Connected Leadership

Empowering Church Leaders: A Weekend of Connected Leadership

From the 10th to the 12th November, Yarnfield Training & Conference Centre hosted an enriching weekend event focused on 'Connected Leadership'. The gathering saw a diverse group of church leaders including elders, treasurers, deacons, and deaconesses coming together for a time of learning, inspiration, and spiritual growth.

The event commenced on Friday evening with an uplifting worship session led by the praise and worship team from Camp Hill Seventh-day Adventist Church. The main speaker for the event, Pastor Fredrick Russell, delivered a stirring sermon, encouraging attendees to fully surrender to the guidance of the Holy Spirit, setting a reflective and motivational tone for the weekend.

Sabbath morning brought more enlightenment with Pastor Daniel Duda, President of the Trans-European Division, leading the Sabbath School. His presentation, titled “Motivation and Preparation for Mission,” challenged attendees to introspectively reflect on the effectiveness of their churches in winning souls and the quality of disciples being nurtured. His poignant question, “What kind of people is our mission reproducing?” resonated deeply with the congregation, prompting thoughtful consideration of their mission’s impact.

Post-lunch, the attendees split into separate breakout sessions tailored to their respective ministry roles. These sessions, led by a mix of speakers from the North England Conference (NEC), the British Union Conference (BUC), and the Trans-European Division (TED), included Mack Tennyson (TED Associate Treasurer), Wederly Aguiar (BUC Treasurer), Daniel Duda (TED President), Pastor Sam Ouadjo (BUC Ministerial Secretary), and Elder Lloyd Facey. These sessions provided valuable insights and practical advice on various topics pertinent to their ministries.

Sunday continued the trend of informative and enriching breakout sessions. Key topics included the reintegration of prisoners into churches, handling uncomfortable conversations, and Adventist Risk Management (ARM), all crucial for the effective administration and pastoral care within church communities.

The success of this event can be attributed to the collaborative efforts of the Ministerial and Treasury departments, led by Pastor Juljan Kastrati and Elder Michael Agyei-Asare, respectively. Reflecting on the weekend, Pastor Kastrati and Elder Agyei-Asare shared their thoughts. Pastor Kastrati noted the profound impact of the sessions, emphasising the growth and development observed among the participants. Elder Agyei-Asare commented on the successful collaboration and the positive feedback received, highlighting the event's role in strengthening the leadership within the church.

As the weekend concluded, attendees left with renewed vigour and a deeper understanding of their roles as leaders within their congregations. The 'Connected Leadership' event not only provided a platform for learning and spiritual renewal but also fostered a stronger sense of community and shared purpose among church leaders across the NEC.