Harvesting Melodies: Mothers make debut duet cello performance at London Ghana's Children's Harvest

Harvesting Melodies: Mothers make debut duet cello performance at London Ghana's Children's Harvest

Rubina Fosua Arthur

The mellow tones of the cello playing, This Is My Father's World, serenaded the Children's Harvest at the London Ghana SDA church on Saturday, 4th November, 2023.

Marking their debut performance at London Ghana, mums who usually are seen teaching the children sabbath school and volunteering their services over the years to the Children's Ministry, Mrs Bernice Kyere and Mrs Margaret Obese Amankwah, popularly known as Auntie Bernice and Auntie Margaret, bopped their heads gently as they showcased their new found talent.

Both ladies are new to the classical music genre and strumming along the strings of their chosen instruments, they debunked the notion that learning to play an instrument should be restricted to only children. Having initially signed their children up to the East London School of Music’s scheme, which has been recently featured on the BBC's songs of Praise under the leadership of Fiona Piquette, Auntie Bernice and Auntie Margaret said they had been inspired by watching their children learn a variety of instruments including the flute, piano, saxophone and the violin. Beaming enthusiastically, Auntie Bernice said, "We enjoy playing to glorify God and also help each other to improve".

Amidst the audience who witnessed the inspiring cello piece were children between the ages of zero to fifteen who had in one way or the other been impacted by Auntie Bernice and Auntie Margaret since their infancy. One of such young people was Nine-year-old Prince Joseph Boakye who was the preacher for the day. Speaking under the title, God is Faithful, Prince couldn't have chosen a more appropriate title as he narrated the story of God's blessings on Jacob despite his flaws as found in Genesis chapter 28. Prince said he felt grateful to have been given the opportunity to share his message before the harvest money was collected. He said he was very happy because his "older brothers had come to church to support" him and ""had also been very helpful when he was deciding what topic to choose".

The old cliché, with God all things are possible, was definitely at play last Saturday, when Auntie Bernice and Auntie Margaret were seen stroking the solemn strings of their cellos because in displaying what they had learnt over the last six months, they highlighted that everything is possible with determination and hard work.