Joy all around as three are baptised at Plumstead SDA Church

Joy all around as three are baptised at Plumstead SDA Church

Plumstead Church Communication team

PLUMSTEAD Community Seventh-Day Adventist (SDA) Church recently bore witness to a deeply moving display of faith and devotion, as three individuals surrendered their lives to Jesus and got baptised. The joyous event happened on a beautiful Sabbath morning of 7 October 2023.

The three were Samuel Bolugun, Shileisha Carby and Sophie Spence.

Samuel and Shileisha, who had been engaged in intensive Bible studies for a while, hearkened to the divine calling to take a momentous step towards securing their eternal destinies.

Their hearts had long yearned for this pivotal moment when they could be baptised as part of the process towards wholeheartedly embracing their faith in our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Initially, the church had prepared for only two baptisms. Little did they know that the Divine plans were grander than their own. The unexpected addition to the baptismal ceremony came from Sophie, who, though previously attending a different Adventist Church, had heeded the call of Jesus to a transformative path.

It was through her friendships with Plumstead SDA Church members that Sophie encountered the Word of God and sought solace in their prayers. Her decision to join the congregation was nothing short of a divine revelation.

She spoke to the Pastor as he was preparing to carry out the baptismal ceremony for Samuel and Shileisha and declared her readiness to be baptised as well.

Sophie's inspired decision added an unexpected layer of significance to the already momentous occasion.

The entire church community is now united in fervent prayers for Samuel, Shileisha, and Sophie as they embark on their newfound faith journeys. Our prayer and hope is that these young souls will continue to nurture their relationship with Jesus, growing in faith and fervor, and becoming messengers of the Good News.

The Plumstead SDA Church remains committed to fostering spiritual growth, offering a nurturing environment for those seeking salvation, and celebrating the moments when lives are forever changed by their faith in Jesus Christ.