Why you should register for Gift Aid

Why you should register for Gift Aid

Michelle Bahadur Barham, BUC Treasury

5 October 2023 marked National Gift Aid Awareness Day, presenting the perfect opportunity for the British Union Conference Treasury team to thank faithful members who signed up for the Gift Aid scheme.

Your simple yet impactful act of signing up enables the Conferences and Missions within the British Union to claim 25% extra on top of each of your tithe returns from HMRC, so for every £100 of tithe you return to your local church, your Conference or Mission can claim £25 from HMRC.

This 'additional' blessing we receive is invaluable in helping the Conferences and Missions to expand their reach and amplify their impact.

For those of you who might not have heard of Gift Aid yet or have not had the opportunity to sign up, we hope that this will serve as a reminder to do so.

Signing up doesn't cost anything; the process is quick and straightforward.

By signing up, you are giving your Conference or Mission consent to claim the tax on your donation.

Signing up also allows you to specify whether you want your donation to be gift-aided for a 'one-off donation' or all future and past donations gift-aided.

Signing up has been made even more accessible for those who use the 7me app to return their tithes.

When you register on the app, your consent for Gift Aid will be asked at that moment, and as you have access to all your data that is held on ACMS, if you ever change your address or stop paying income tax, you can easily change this information in a few clicks.

The advantages of Gift Aid are twofold. For donors, it's a means to make their contributions go further without increasing the amount they give, effectively boosting the impact of their donations. For charities, it's a financial lifeline that allows them to plan more confidently, fund essential projects, and better serve their beneficiaries.

In essence, Gift Aid is a win-win solution. It magnifies the impact of donations for individuals while providing critical support to charities, enabling them to carry out their missions more effectively. It's a testament to the power of partnerships between donors and the causes they believe in. So, whether you use the 7me app or another method to return your tithes, considering Gift Aid can make your contribution even more meaningful.

For more information on Gift Aid, follow BUC_Treasury on Instagram or check out the HMRC website.