Local Man Spreads Message of Faith Through Custom T-Shirts

Local Man Spreads Message of Faith Through Custom T-Shirts

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A 92-year-old, Percival Bramble Adventist member has taken to the streets of his community wearing custom-made t-shirts bearing messages of Christian faith. Despite facing challenges in life, Smith feels compelled to use his clothing as a platform to share God's love with others.

The lifelong member of the Seventh-day Adventist church had the idea to print evangelistic messages on shirts after feeling inspired by the Holy Spirit. He started with one t-shirt but hoped to expand the collection with different inspirational phrases and Bible verses.

He can often be found around town, striking up conversations with people who notice his eye-catching tops. He aims to connect with others meaningfully and share his Christian perspective. If the opportunity arises, he tries to follow up with those he meets to continue the spiritual discussion.

The local PM leader lauds the nonagenarian's creativity and passion for outreach. She has been assisting the 92-year-old with brainstorming the most uplifting and thought-provoking shirt slogans. They hope to spread positivity while sparking people's interest in learning more about God.

Despite his advanced age, members say Bramble's faith and determination to make a difference are inspiring. He asks for prayers as he embarks on this heartfelt mission to touch lives for Christ.

The seed of the idea, began when Bramble registered for the SEC School of Evangelism Bible Workers Course organised by Pastor Michael Mbui and Sister Helen De Coteau-Grant. The Class of 2022/23 graduated at Stanborough Park on 5 August and the outreach initiative was born, budded and blossomed.

Pervical Bramble's Testimony

God's love and blessings continue to fall on me in spite of enormous challenges. I have been impressed by the Holy Spirit to use my clothing to display outreach messages.I have started with one but my goal is to have a range of messages. I am praying about it and working with our Personal Ministries (PM) leader, Sister Cresha Walkinshaw to find the most appropriate wordings. Sister Cresha also mentioned the possibility of original language wording for other friend community. I will appreciate your prayers and any ideas, suggestions or advice from anyone, especially regarding appropriate wordings. If l can get the wordings right l hope to make displaying messages a way of life along with follow-up redemptive contact, if opportunities result. The PM leader of our church is helping me. I sought her advice about how l might be able to get printing done
Her response! "I can do it! I do not know what volume she can handle but she can certainly advise.

Regarding my shirt ministry l am pressing ahead in spite of circumstances.On different occasions two ladies said to me that they liked the message on my shirt but in both cases the contact happened when they were getting off the bus. On Sunday a cashier at M&S engaged me on the message.She started by saying, "l see that you love God". So we got into a little conversation before she said:"l am a Roman Catholic but I have to work such long hours that l don't have time to read the Bible" Then she asked very seriously "Where is God when so much killing of innocent people is taking place?".

I did my best to give an answer which I do not myself feel was very convincing. The truth is that everything  happened so fast in the line there was hardly time to pray. In the end  she repeated that "Hundreds of innocent children who didn't harm anyone are being brutally killed. Where is God?” By that time l had to make way for the next customer but she welcomed my promise to pray for her. She gave me her name.

This experience has strongly reminded me of the need for preparation and l think that in light of current events the question is topical and it would be helpful if we all are prepared to face it.Since then l have gone to the references by Sis Helen to Pastor Doug Batchelor's discussions on the topic. (Amazing Facts:; I have found it quite informative and I recommend it to everyone. The issue of mass killing and suffering has to be  considered as part of the cosmic conflict between good and evil.

Freedom of choice is essential for the practice or exercise of genuine love. Therefore the loving God of heaven and earth when he created Adàm ànd Eve in his own likeness gave them freedom of choice as a permanent and irreversible right. Before sin entered Adam and Eve knew only good. They could choose between and enjoy any of the multitude of good options available. When the serpent contradicted God to Eve she still had the right of choice and could choose either to trust and obey God or to accept the serpent's lies and follow satan. When Eve exercised her freedom of choice to follow the serpent she took upon herself, and upon  every human being descended from her, the dilemma of having to choose between good and evil. Eve's choice brought EVIL into play. Every conflict that has ever happened in the world resulted from either one or both parties exercising their right of choice to do evil.

God has revealed in the Bible that he has in progress a perfect plan to finally eliminate evil from this world. In order for God's love and  justice to triumph and be vindicated the human family must be allowed to exercise their freedom of choice even when they are choosing to harm each other. God gives assurance in the Bible that He will bring all who persist in choosing to do evil to account for their evil actions. I am trying to get together a line of ideas which are correct and relevant to the question "Where is God when so much senseless killing and suffering is taking place right before our eyes". I am hoping for your help to get it right. My challenge  now is to get together some relevant Bible texts. I will be grateful for any suggestions.