Dedication of Lewisham SDA Church Building

Dedication of Lewisham SDA Church Building

Ben Arhin

Dedication of Lewisham SDA Church Building – Ben Arhin

Lewisham Seventh Day Adventist Church has had a presence on Lewisham High Street dating back to 1934. The membership has changed significantly. Over time, the building has been raised to the ground and built up by the members' sheer determination and hard work. Still, most notably, our faith and commitment to serve our community and be ambassadors for our Lord and Saviour has been unwavering.

With this in mind, we have proposed to dedicate our hearts and the church building to the continued service of soul winning. On Sunday, 29th October, we will open our doors to the public for a community day that will engage and showcase the services we offer to our members and the broader community. There will be a walk through the history of our church, health checks, cooking demonstrations and, of course, tastings! Pathfinder displays and lots of fun for everyone.

On Wednesday, 1st November, we will approach the Altar of Praise. This evening promises to be like no other; we will reflect on our journey and offer up Songs of Praise. There will be special music from some of the most talented Adventist artists in the UK.

Our climax will be the Raising of our Ebenezer, recognising the Goodness of God. Sabbath 4th November will join hearts and minds in thankfulness to God. A recommitment of our building, our hearts, and minds, to work till the return of our soon-coming King! We warmly invite you to join us in this auspicious celebration.