The “Signs of the Times” Campaign in Peckham Church

The “Signs of the Times” Campaign in Peckham Church

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In the vibrant community of Peckham, Pastor Otis Lewis embarked on a transformative two-week campaign titled "The Signs of the Times." The culmination of this spiritual journey was witnessed on October 30, 2023, when two cherished individuals found themselves baptised within the welcoming embrace of Peckham Church, marking a profound chapter in their spiritual lives. 

Pastor Otis Lewis delivered impassioned sermons that resonated deeply with the attendees, both regular congregants and those curious about the message of faith. With unwavering conviction, he painted vivid pictures of redemption and transformation, emphasising the importance of recognizing the signs he believed heralded a profound change in one's life. In a solemn and symbolic ceremony, 


Pastor Otis led the candidates into the welcoming waters of the baptismal pool. The congregation watched with reverence and awe as these two precious souls, touched by the power of faith, underwent a spiritual rebirth. Their baptism signified a commitment to a fresh journey filled with hope, love, and forgiveness. 

"The Signs of the Times" campaign had not only reinvigorated Peckham Church but also transformed the candidates' lives. Their story serves as a testament to the enduring message that even in the darkest times, there is the promise of redemption and renewal, and the spirit of faith continues to shine brightly in Peckham.