'Above and Beyond' Prayer Retreat in Scotland

Scottish Mission Prayer Ministries

'Above and Beyond' Prayer Retreat in Scotland

Carronvale House Conference & Recreation CentreBeverley Anderson & Adina Lupu

Dear Beloved Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

We are thrilled to share with you the extraordinary journey that unfolded during the recent Scottish Mission Prayer Retreat, 8-10 September 2023. From its inception to the final moments, the hand of the Holy Spirit was evident, guiding us on a path that went "Above and Beyond" our expectations.

This prayer retreat was a testament to the miraculous ways in which our Heavenly Father provides for His children. The funding, accommodation, catering, and abundant provisions were nothing short of divine blessings. We give all glory to God for supplying our every need.

More than a decade had passed since the last Prayer Retreat in the Scottish Mission, making this gathering a true family reunion. People came from all corners of Scotland and even as far as London. Children, young adults, and seasoned believers all came together in the spirit of fellowship, dedicated prayer, scriptural exploration, joyous activities, and heartwarming conversations.

It was a weekend that allowed us to forge new friendships, savour nourishing meals, share our testimonies, dive deep into God's Word, and delve into the essence of who Jesus is. We discovered new and exciting ways to approach prayer, especially by claiming God's promises, making our worship experience richer and more dynamic.

Our guest speaker, Melody Mason, stirred our hearts with the revelation that our greatest need is to encounter the relentless love of Jesus daily. She reminded us of the selfless sacrifice on the Cross that reconciled us with God and encouraged us to let that divine love flow through us into the lives of others.

"The Way Back to the Altar" became our guiding light, urging us to invest daily, uninterrupted, meaningful time in prayer and the study of His Word. We were challenged to rebuild personal altars and let God's transformative power change us from the inside out, enabling us to rebuild the altars in our families and churches.

Sister Noelie from London shared that, for her, the retreat was a comforting space where we could open up about our struggles and witness God's answers to our prayers. The early morning prayer sessions became a time of spiritual restoration and a renewal of our commitment to God.

Our young adults left the retreat feeling inspired and emboldened in their faith. They were moved by the testimonies shared by Melody, which illuminated how God answers prayers and opens doors for ministry.

Pastor Fitroy Morris and Pastor Claudiu Popescu, who lent their support to the Prayer Retreat, found it to be an inspiring and powerful experience that left an indelible mark on their hearts.

Sister Melody shared her joy at witnessing participants discovering the beauty of that extra, unhurried time with Jesus. Some confessed that they had been spiritually numb, but that numbness faded away during our time together.

Our Prayer Ministry Sponsors, Beverley Anderson and Adina Lupu, envisioned the retreat as an opportunity for all of us to experience an "upper room encounter with Jesus." They hoped that it would ignite a deeper and more profound love relationship with our Lord and Saviour.

Adina Lupu, Melody Mason, Beverley Anderson

As we reflect on this transformative experience, let us continue to pray that the Holy Spirit will fall afresh on the hearts of our beloved brothers and sisters in the Scottish Mission. May each one of us become a channel of divine love, spreading His glory to the ends of the earth.

Let us eagerly anticipate what God has in store for Scotland as the Mission boldly continues to "dare to ask for more."

In His Love and Grace,

Scottish Mission Co/Prayer Ministry Sponsors

Beverley Anderson & Adina Lupu