The Nominating Committee Report - South England Conference 64th Session

The Nominating Committee Report - South England Conference 64th Session

Sam O Davies, BUC Communication and Media

One of the main items of business of the 64th Session was the election of officers for the next quadrennium. The Nominating Committee, which fulfils this task, is usually the first committee to be selected by the Recommendations Committee.

On Friday, 8 September, the second day of the Session, the committee announced the election of a new President, Dr Kirk Thomas, to lead the South England Conference (SEC), the largest Conference within the British Union Conference (BUC).

Pastor Thomas has been the Director of Evangelism and Personal Ministries at the BUC since 2016. He previously served at the SEC as Personal Ministries and Sabbath School Director.

He is an ordained minister with over twenty-eight years of ministerial experience. He holds degrees from the University of Southern Caribbean, Inter-American Theological Seminary and Andrews University.

Thomas says he lives to empower and mentor people for the Kingdom of God. He has been married to Carol, a radiographer, for over twenty-seven years, and they have four lovely children – Fonah, Tivonah, Daniel and Kassanah.

The second partial report of the Nominating Committee was for the post of Executive Secretary, which went to Pastor Nathan Stickland. He serves as Area 7 Coordinator and pastor for St Albans and Hemel Hempstead churches.

The post of Treasurer went to Mrs Ann Swaby, who will continue in the role she has held since January 2023.

Other nominations are as follows:

Departmental Directors

  • Children’s Ministries & Safeguarding - Judy Clements, OBE
  • Church Growth & Global Mission - Pastor Wayne Erasmus
  • Communications & Media - Pastor Sorin Petrof
  • Community Ministries - Pastor Nerine Barrett
  • Family Ministries - Pastor Rio Espulgar
  • Health Ministries - Edith Samambwa
  • Ministerial Association Secretary - Pastor Kwesi Moore
  • Personal Ministries & Literature Evangelism - Pastor Royston Smith
  • Pathfinders - Pastor Clifford Herman
  • Public Affairs & Religious Liberty - Pastor Brighton Kavaloh
  • Sabbath School - Pastor Kwadwo Kwarteng-Ampofo
  • Stewardship & Trust Services - Pastor Augustus Lawrence
  • Teens - Pastor JooJo Bonnie
  • Women’s Ministries - Jacqueline Otokpa
  • Young Adults - Pastor Warren Gillin

Click this link for images of the newly elected.

Executive Committee

  • President (Chair) - Pastor Kirk Thomas
  • Executive Secretary – Pastor Nathan Stickland
  • Treasurer - Ann Swaby
  • Ministerial Association Secretary - Pastor Kwesi Moore
  • Personal Ministries - Pastor Royston Smith
  • Young Adults - Pastor Warren Gillin
  • Children’s Ministries - Judy Clements, OBE
  • Area 6A (Pastor) - Pastor Jude Jeanville
  • Area 6B (Pastor) - Pastor Lewis Quaye
  • Area 6C (Pastor) - Pastor Harrison Mburani
  • Area 6D (Pastor) - Pastor Steve Roberts
  • Provincial Pastors Leader
  • Area 1 - Caleb Akinola
  • Area 2 - Stefano Bertolini
  • Area 3 - To be Confirmed
  • Area 4 - David Santineer
  • Area 5 - Dr Paul Thompson
  • Area 6A - Miguelle Scantlebury
  • Area 6B - Dwayne Lawson
  • Area 6C - Kwesi Ampomsah 
  • Area 6D - Serene Allen
  • Area 7 - Sandra Golding
  • Area 8 - Natalie Henry
  • Two Additional Lay People (to be confirmed).