Reaching multicultural British society

Reaching multicultural British society

The Andrews University (AU) Doctor of Ministry in Multicultural and Multiethnic Mission and Ministry is taught at Newbold College of Higher Education by AU professors. Last month, Dr Jeff Couzins graduated from the programme having researched non-British monoethnic churches reaching out to the British multicultural society.

Dr Couzins' hypothesis was, "When the cultural distance between church and individuals in society is reduced, their worldview understandings may be accessible, and consequently make it easier for the Christian witness to then explain the Kingdom of God."

Writing about what he found, he noted:

  • "The research verified that modifications in worldview can be identified as changes in category-width (continuum from prejudice to approval), alteration of perspective, or embracing an otherwise contrasting understanding of the evidence sustaining one's old beliefs."
  • "The premises verified by the research were (1) that reducing cultural distance facilitates access to worldview understandings. (2) That worldviews can be reached and changed in preparation for a Christian witness."
  • "Since both premises have been shown to be valid, they may, therefore, be suitable for adaption to other forms of outreach."

Fascinatingly, his research has been downloaded almost 200 times at the time of writing in various places such as the USA, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and even North Korea.

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