Glasgow School of Evangelism emphasize development of evangelistic cycles

Glasgow School of Evangelism emphasize development of evangelistic cycles

Glasgow Seventh-day Adventist Church hosted a School of evangelism with visiting speaker, Dr. Kirk Thomas from the British Union Conference on 12 August 2023.

Glasgow Seventh-day Adventist ChurchArticle and photos: Pastor Wilfred Masih

Editor's Note: This is one of two news stories covering the recent School of Evangelism event in Glasgow. The additional article can be read here.

With attendance numbers exceeding 120, the Glasgow Seventh-day Adventist Church played host to the most recent School of Evangelism event on August 12, 2023. Alongside respected guest speaker Dr. Kirk Thomas from the BUC Evangelism Department, the attendees, which included members, visitors and those who have registered with the School of Evangelism, gathered to delve into profound discussions about spiritual resilience, the cyclical nature of discipleship, and the fundamental purpose of the church.

Pr Kirk Thomas took the stage and delivered insightful presentations that resonated deeply with attendees. He reflected on the story of Jeremiah, drawing parallels between Jeremiah's resignation due to discouragement and his subsequent reappointment by God. Pr Thomas highlighted how moments of doubt and setbacks can often lead to new opportunities for growth and renewal, reminding the audience that even in the face of adversity, faith can be reignited.

Continuing his discourse, Pr Thomas explored the cyclical process of discipleship. He emphasized that the journey of spiritual growth is not a linear path but rather a cycle of learning, teaching, and continuous improvement. By acknowledging that growth involves both imparting knowledge and receiving wisdom, he encouraged everyone present to remain open to learning from others while actively sharing their own insights.

In his concluding remarks, Pr Kirk Thomas posed thought-provoking questions that challenged attendees to reflect on the purpose of the church. He questioned whether the church truly exists solely for its members or if its primary mission is to reach out to the wider community. This sparked a lively discussion among the congregation, prompting individuals to reevaluate their roles in fostering an inclusive and welcoming environment within the church.

The School of Evangelism event was made possible by the efforts of Pr Wil Masih, the Evangelism and Personal Ministries sponsor for the Scottish Mission. The Glasgow SDA Church, hosting the event, opened its doors to both members and visitors, embodying the values of unity and community engagement.

Members of the congregation expressed their gratitude for the enlightening and thought-provoking discussions facilitated by Pr Kirk Thomas.

Claudette Comerasamy, a long-time member of the Glasgow SDA Church, shared her thoughts on the event, stating, "Pr Thomas' message reminded me that even during times of uncertainty, our faith can be renewed. His insights into discipleship as a cyclical process were truly eye-opening."

The School of Evangelism event not only provided attendees with valuable insights into spiritual growth but also fostered a sense of togetherness among the congregation. It served as a platform for individuals to engage in meaningful conversations about their faith and the role of the church in the broader community.

As the event concluded, participants left the Glasgow SDA Church with a renewed sense of purpose and enthusiasm for their spiritual journey. Pr Kirk Thomas' impactful messages on resilience, discipleship, and the church's mission left an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of those who attended. The School of Evangelism event proved to be a significant step in the congregation's ongoing commitment to deepening their faith and embracing their roles as ambassadors of Christ.

In a world filled with uncertainties, the event at Glasgow SDA Church stood to remind all in attendance that even in the face of challenges, the power of faith and community can lead to reframing our approach to how we grow as a church.