Former Youth Directors are now Retirees' Chaplains

Former Youth Directors are now Retirees' Chaplains

BUC Communications

Retired church leaders, Drs Paul Tompkins and Des Boldeau, former Youth Directors of the British Union Conference, were voted as chaplains for the 425 retired church employees in the territory by the Union Executive Committee in June.  Both Paul and Des have served youth, Pathfinders, and teens in local churches and at the South England Conference as Directors. Paul also served as the Youth Director for the Trans-European Division before becoming President of the Scottish Mission.  

When asked about the transition from working with young to working with senior members, they issued this statement, "People are people essentially.  But our retirees are experiencing a different aspect of life with often unexpected challenges.  We look forward to serving these individuals with as much vigour as we served the young people." 

Pastor Eglan Brooks, BUC President said, “As we welcome back Paul and Des to the BUC, as part-time chaplains, we would also like to thank Pastor Paul Lockham for his sterling work with the retirees over the past years.”