London Ghana Church Completes Bible in 4 days

London Ghana Church Completes Bible in 4 days

By: Darell J. Philip Area 6C Communications Coordinator

There were scenes of jubilation at the completion of the reading of the Bible in just 4 days at the London Ghana SDA Church on Sunday 9th July 2023. Members celebrated, jumped for joy, sang and danced as their resident minister, Pastor Joojo Bonnie reading the final chapter of Revelation, saw his church community completion of the 4-day Bible reading venture at 11:49am – a little over 2 hours before the expected completion time of 2pm.

The venture, which begun at 3pm on Wednesday 5th July 2023, was supported by many young people alongside their parents due to the closure of schools on Wednesday and Friday as a result of ongoing teacher strikes related to a pay dispute.

London Ghana’s Ministerial Intern, Pastor Kwame Sarpong, who also took part in the Bible reading extravaganza commented: “As "people of the book", I think it is imperative to understand the importance of the Book and one way to do it is by simply reading it as it is. No commentary, no opinions, no additional stuff, just the Word. It was a joy to see the enthusiasm of members from our church, other churches and the community come together to read the Word of God and celebrate especially when we reached the goal.”

Some of the comments members made were: "This experience has enabled them to read the bible more." 

"I can't stop reading the Bible now."

"I loved the fact that during this challenge, we would also pray at every hour which emphasized God being the centre of what we're doing and also gave us insight into God's character."

"I thoroughly enjoyed this experience. When you're reading the Bible out loud it gives you a better understanding of the Word and the context that we regularly miss out on."

With support from members belonging to other churches within Area 6C, London Ghana completed the reading of the Bible in just 4 days, with groups of members taking turns to pray in the foyer each hour whilst the bible reading continued non-stop and uninterrupted in the sanctuary.

Pastor Joojo Bonnie, who had led his previous church, Hackney SDA in the completion of the Bible reading in 4 days last year, repeating the feat with his current church, London Ghana, commented: “It has been a great experience because we noticed that members of the church and community came together to read, listen and share in the experience of the Word of God. Our church has been transformed and we praise the Lord for this great spiritual experience.”