When a Pentecostal church learns about the Sabbath

When a Pentecostal church learns about the Sabbath

“We really need to talk about the Sabbath, as a church!” said our new friend though tearing eyes. She continued to say, “I have been convicted about the Sabbath leading up to this, but this beautifully presented seminar has just confirmed that we really need to keep the Saturday Sabbath.”

While organizing the ‘Religion – What Went Wrong?’ Evangelistic Campaign we could never have thought that this would happen - members of a Pentecostal Church including the Pastor, coming, enjoying, and being moved by the message of the Sabbath. Of course, this wasn’t the only blessing from this Pentecostal group. We had one of the leaders streaming the seminar to thousands of his social media followers, as well as the Pastor telling us that he had cancelled the church’s programs and Bible studies for his congregation to be there in person. I remember the Pastor coming up to me making sure that the streaming went well, hoping that this message, the message of Daniel & Revelation and the 3 Angels’ messages, are being shared to the world. We asked the Pastor and members how they found out about this and if they heard these truths in the past. They answered, “We received a Celtic Connection book during the St. Patrick’s parade in Ennis and then we saw the advert on the front page of the local newspaper by the same group, so we knew that we would hear the truth.”

It was such joy to know that the Lord had blessed all the work that we had done. Handing out pamphlets and free books months earlier, as well as the local newspaper advertisement - it all came together for the Lord to use, praise God!


If you do hear about evangelistic events like this being organised by the pastors, individuals in the church or individuals in self-supporting ministries, please pray for them and support them. Pray for them, because there is no doubt that Satan is angry that the 3 Angels’ message is going out to the world. We had so many trials leading up to the event. One trial happened just the day before the start of the seminar. After picking up the speaker, Pastor Daniel Pel and family, from the Dublin Airport and on our way back to the west of Ireland, I felt there was something wrong with the rental car. We had a puncture. We pulled over on the side of the motorway, the Pastor and I looked at each other and laughed, knowing full well that this was Satan’s petty trick. While waiting for a repair truck as there was no spare wheel available, we were able to make the most of that time together - having a session of prayer and taking a small walk around the beautiful remote countryside of Ireland.

Though we did have many trials, we also had many wonderful miracles leading up to the event as well, let’s just say it was a roller coaster ride. One miracle happened, when our church team unitedly handed out thousands of pamphlets door to door in the villages around Ennis. One house happened to be one of our elderly church member. When the pamphlet was dropped through the door, her non-Christian family members were around her, and her granddaughter picked it up and started reading the pamphlet out loud to the whole family. Our elderly sister had so much hope and joy as she shared this experience with us.

Though it was a roller coaster ride, it was well worth it. We would certainly recommend any church to have a go at evangelism, be it a Daniel & Revelation seminar, health seminar or even just going door to door handing out pamphlets. If you do decide to organize a seminar, Pastor Daniel Pel said that he would be more than happy to come back to Ireland. He really loved this experience and said that this event was truly unique, as he had never had a whole church, including a Pastor, attending his seminars before.


So why did we choose the topic ‘Religion – What Went Wrong?’ First, we were inspired by Doug Bachelor’s visit and presentations last year, and we wanted to organize a Daniel & Revelation seminar. Most of all, we wanted the seminar that would relate to and impact the people of Ireland. ‘Religion – What Went Wrong?’ was designed to reach people who have been disappointed with the traditional church and its leaders, because they have misrepresented the beautiful character of God for such a long time. Many have been hurt, coerced and ignored when they needed to be heard, encouraged and loved. With this seminar we attempted to give them hope and answers to this burning question - what went wrong with religion.


Written by Daniel Wilson