Stanborough Primary School Receives £100k Donation to Revamp Playground

Stanborough Primary School Receives £100k Donation to Revamp Playground

Mrs Tiann Madden, Headteacher, Stanborough Primary School

Stanborough Primary School, Watford, Hertfordshire, is excited as it receives a generous £100,000 donation towards revitalising its playground. This game-changing contribution will empower the school to create an awe-inspiring outdoor haven for its students.

The funds will be strategically allocated to overhaul the playground infrastructure, inject a burst of playfulness with state-of-the-art equipment, and establish safe and inclusive spaces for children of all ages. The revamped playground will ignite a spark of creativity, foster physical activity, and nurture spiritual and meaningful social interactions, setting the stage for a truly enriching learning environment.

Headteacher, Tiann Madden, expressed her heartfelt appreciation for this monumental donation, stating, "This remarkable gift will leave an indelible mark on our students, propelling them towards a future filled with joy, growth, and exploration. We extend our deepest gratitude to our donors for their unwavering support in transforming our playground into a hub of limitless possibilities."

The ambitious refurbishment project, undertaken by Play Innovation, will begin at the end of this month, with completion anticipated just in time for the upcoming academic year. Stanborough Primary School eagerly anticipates the positive impact this playground transformation will have on its students' well-being and holistic development.

About Stanborough Primary School:

Stanborough Primary School holds itself to a standard of excellence, ensuring every child receives a high-quality education and support in reaching their full potential. Their commitment to this mission is resolute and unwavering. The school's foundation is firmly built upon its core values, fostering an environment where students are encouraged to showcase their talents and abilities to the fullest. With a team of dedicated educators and a stimulating learning environment, Stanborough Primary School aims to ignite a lifelong love for learning and equip students with the necessary skills to flourish.

To schedule a visit to the school, kindly visit or contact us at 01923 673291. We are enrolling students for the upcoming academic year and eagerly look forward to warmly welcoming you to our school.