Release of Professor John Walton's New Book

Release of Professor John Walton's New Book

Professor John Walton, a long-standing member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Scotland, has recently released his new book called 'Silencing Outspoken Ambrosine'. In this article, he talks about the motivation behind the book and how it came to see the light.

Professor John Walton works at one of the most highly rated universities in the UK, University of St Andrews, as Research Professor of Chemistry, and is recognised as a world expert on free radicals and on chemical timing methods. He has written hundreds of specialised science papers, articles and textbooks on Free Radical Chemistry and Radicals, and given many talks on this theme in the UK and overseas. Of note was the interesting presentation on Intelligent Design he gave to the national meeting of the Norwegian arm of Mensa, which is a non-profit organisation open to individuals with high IQs that aims to identify, understand, and support intelligence; encourage research into intelligence; and create and seek both social and intellectual experiences for its members. 

In 2021, Matador Publishing published another one of John Walton’s books titled 'Compact Time - A Short History of Life on Earth' where he examines the methods by which scientific consensus settled on long time spans for the Earth and gives a thorough review of Radiocarbon dating and the many lines of evidence that suggest a young age for the Earth and for fossils. Professor Walton recognises that the scholarly books he has written in defence of the creation account in Genesis will probably only reach a small number of readers. He says, “At university, it is very difficult to induce secular students to even listen to conservative Christian beliefs, let alone convince them they are true.” He continues “To illustrate his message and make it memorable, Jesus told many stories, including parables where the characters and setting are clearly imaginary, such as the story of the rich man and Lazarus. I thought, therefore, that I would follow Jesus’ example and tell a story that packages key creationist beliefs in an interesting and exciting way."

The result is this new book ‘Silencing Outspoken Ambrosine’ published by Wipf and Stock and now available to buy on Amazon. 

The story is about a conservative Christian student Ambrosine who is taking a university paleontology course. She arouses a lot of ridicule and hostility by presenting creationist ideas. Opponents plan to silence her by humiliating and harming her in several cruel ways. During various dangers and adventures, she is befriended by atheist Russell who defends her right to ask questions. Their conversations bring to light key Christian and creationist beliefs and show them to be sound. The book's romantic story is a fresh and intriguing way of bringing Christian viewpoints to readers' notice. 

Professor Walton says the book is intended to encourage students who hold Christian beliefs to resist materialistic peer pressure and to equip them to defend their faith. It is also intended as a pre-evangelism tool to reach those with secular beliefs taken from modern culture who would never enter a church. The book’s exciting story introduces them to Christian beliefs and shows these are rational and evidence-based.

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Other books by J. Walton:

 1. “Compact Time – A Short History of Life on Earth.”   Matador.  Available from Amazon: Compact Time: A Short History of Life on Earth: John C. Walton: 9781800461246: Books

2. “Radicals” (authored with D. C. Nonhebel and J. M. Tedder) Cambridge University Press.  Radicals (Cambridge Texts in Chemistry and Biochemistry): Nonhebel, Tedder, Walton: 9780521220040: Books

3.  “Free Radical Chemistry” (authored with D. C. Nonhebel) Cambridge University Press:   Free-Radical Chemistry: Structure and Mechanism: Nonhebel, D. C., Walton, J. C.: 9780521201490: Books

In addition, Professor Walton recently contributed to the book “Design and Catastrophe – 51 Scientists Explore Evidence in Nature,” edited by L. J. Gibson, R. Nalin and H. M. Rasi and published by Andrews University Press in 2021.  Design and Catastrophe: 51 Scientists Explore Evidence in Nature: L. James Gibson, Ronny Nalin, Humberto M. Rasi: 9781940980300: Books

He has also written a book called “Justice for Genesis” that is in process of being published by Andrews University Press.  

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Professor J Walton has been a member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church for over 60 years. He was brought up in a SDA home and received a traditional Grammar School education. He studied science at Sheffield University before embarking on a PhD programme with Professor Lord Tedder that took him to Dundee in Scotland. Eventually he joined the faculty of St. Andrews University rising to his present position of Research Professor of Chemistry.  He has served the church in various capacities over the years as a church elder and as a member of the Scottish Mission Executive Committee, the BUC Executive Committee, the BUC Lay Advisory Committee, the Stanborough Press Reading Committee, and the Newbold College Board of Governors. He is married to Jane and has two grown-up children.  He lives with his bonny wife in picturesque St. Andrews beside the grey-green sea.