Communicator: The Power of Believing

New Spring Edition of the SEC's Communicator Magazine

Communicator: The Power of Believing

SEC Communications Department

“The theme for this Spring edition is The Power of Believing. In a world full of discontent, troubles, anxiety, instability and uncertainty, it is easy to find yourself lost and alone, unable to locate the way forward. The gospel’s very definition is not confined only to its denotative aspect, the good news, but mainly toward its existential meaning, to live by faith, to believe in something greater than us. That belief generates a specific type of power (according to the Greek word used in Romans 1,16, power means authority), a transforming force. About that power of believing, our dedicated writers volunteered to share with you some perspectives on the meaning of faith in the 21st century, experiences involving personal faith, following your dreams, believing in God in times of crisis, “transmitting” faith to the next generation, overcoming obstacles and following Jesus by faith. You can read the magazine here