Friendship Dinner for Community by South London Portuguese Adventist Church

Friendship Dinner for Community by South London Portuguese Adventist Church

By Pastor Clebson Braga

South London Portuguese Adventist church organised a free dinner on Sunday, 12 February, with its local community in mind at Vauxhall. More than 100 people from the community attended the event.

The community dinner is part of the church's evangelism strategy to reach out to local non-Adventists. The theme of the programme was 'Friendship and Building Community'. The idea behind the event was to provide an opportunity for church members to mingle with their community and serve the local community.

The programme included church members singing and reading poems about friendship, and they handed out token gifts of appreciation to the attendees. At the end of the programme, the organisers received various feedback from the attendees. Some of them were so impressed with the level of organisation, the food quality and how they were received and treated on the day.

One of the attendees said, "Glory be to God." Another shared, "I am pleased to be here in this friendly environment. People here are so welcoming and warm; I didn't know about this community. You are so kind and lovely; I want to know more about this community." (Marinalva)

"I had a great night; the music and the poems were so touching, and the food was delicious. What a night, everything was perfect. If you have another event, please invite me again, and I will come." (Marcos)

"I am impressed with how well this dinner was organised. Great people welcomed me at the door and led me to the table. I never knew that there were such people like this in our community. To have a special dinner organised for me and free of charge was a great surprise. Wow!" (Leo)