Intensive Interviews at Newbold College for Prospective Pastors

Intensive Interviews at Newbold College for Prospective Pastors

John Surridge, BUC Executive Secretary

The leaders of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the UK and Ireland gathered at Newbold College for an intensive series of interviews with the students from Monday, 20 to Wednesday, 22 February. They interviewed nine undergraduate students with the view to sponsoring them for their postgraduate degree, and eleven postgraduate students were interviewed regarding denominational employment. The panel consisted of the Conference and Mission Presidents, the Executive and Associate Executive Secretaries, the Ministerial Association Secretaries, and the British Union Conference (BUC) Education Director. Newbold College's Principal, Dr Stephen Currow, and the Centre for Ministry and Mission lecturers provided valuable background information on the students.

"Once again, we were truly impressed by the quality of the students," said BUC President Pastor Eglan Brooks. "We have watched these students develop over the years, and, for many of them, Newbold has had a transformative effect on their lives. Some of them will certainly be future church leaders, and all of them, without exception, have made, and will continue to make a positive impact within the church."

The number of sponsorships is limited – employment opportunities even more so. However, the church will always need new ministers, and Newbold continues to provide a vital service in training young men and women for pastoral ministry.

If you are thinking of enhancing your ministry, perhaps with a long-term view towards pastoral ministry, visit the Newbold College website at: