Can Vegan Food be Tasty?

Can Vegan Food be Tasty?

Susanne Kirlew

Even though the Seventh-day Adventist Church encourages a plant-based diet, many still think plant-based food is bland, boring, and not for them. Susanne Kirlew helps you change that view.

This outdated view is still in the minds of some of us. How do I know? That is how I used to think before I became a vegan.

Veganism is on the rise in the UK, and there has been an increasing need in recent years for information on how to become a vegan. One of the main questions has been about what vegans can eat and how to transition from eating meat and fish to a plant-based diet. The stereotypical image of veganism in the recent past has conjured up images of anaemic-looking, tofu and lentil-eating simple people who love to wear Birkenstocks. But today, thanks to many celebrity vegans and vegan super-bloggers, veganism has become far more glamorous.

Vegan food is as tasty and exciting as how you make it. Any meal can be more flavourful and exciting if you apply your favourite seasonings and herbs.

Kirly-Sue (aka Susanne Kirlew) from the Walthamstow Seventh-day Adventist church in London has shown people how to cook vegan food as her career. She even adds her Jamaican heritage twist to some of her dishes.

Would you like to try some vegan dishes that are quick and easy to make?

Here is the link to Kirly-Sue's vegan YouTube channel

She also has a vegan cookbook for kids and parents called Cooking With Kids; for more details, click here