ADRA Responds to Turkey Syria Earthquake

ADRA Responds to Turkey Syria Earthquake

Catherine Anthony Boldeau, ADRA-UK

On Monday, 6 February, hours after an earthquake of 7.8-magnitude struck south-eastern Turkey and Syria, followed by an aftershock of 7.5, ADRA-UK launched an Emergency Appeal. In the past two days, thanks to your generosity, we have raised more than £20,000.

Let's provide you with an update about what ADRA is doing on the ground:

ADRA is hard at work responding, with buildings still collapsing days after the earthquakes. The destruction is beyond imaginable. ADRA's Emergency Response Team has assembled in Turkey and has moved into a position to respond. ADRA is not registered in Turkey but is very active in Syria.

Our team in Aleppo reports that 30% to 40% of residents need shelter assistance, either because their houses have been destroyed or are at risk of collapse due to structural damage. There are around 7,000 people accommodated in shelters in Aleppo alone.

Right now, ADRA Syria is distributing food to earthquake victims in Aleppo and Latakia and repairing water infrastructure to give access to drinking water. We urgently need water trucking for 8,000 residents in four villages in Hama due to the loss of their water tanks.

Location: Latakia city (Syria)

The child in the picture and his parents lost their home when the earthquake struck. The building was severely damaged; nevertheless, they miraculously escaped after pushing through the stuck door.

Their family is staying in the shelter with no idea what will happen to them, how much time they will need to stay there or where they can go next. They struggle to work for the money needed to survive while watching their child simultaneously since they are afraid of leaving him with people they don't know in the shelter.

Fear and sadness were evident on the faces of the father and the child (the mother was out trying to find a way of working and getting some income), but they were relieved when ADRA provided them with food.

Although thousands of people are now supported, our response needs to grow daily. 

Please donate NOW to help us to make a real difference in the lives of the earthquake victims.