Adventist Lifestyle Extolled in Channel 4 Documentary 'How to Live to 100'

Adventist Lifestyle Extolled in Channel 4 Documentary 'How to Live to 100'

Sam O Davies, BUC Communication & Media

Former Channel 4 News anchorman Jon Snow commended the Adventist lifestyle in a documentary, How to Live to 100. The two-part documentary on Channel 4 was shown on Sunday, 15 and Sunday, 22 January 2023 at 6:45 pm.

In this two-part documentary, in which Snow ventures out across the world to find the secret of a long, happy, and healthy life, he discovers communities that are doing well with healthy lifestyles. The documentary gives a hugely positive outlook on the Seventh-day Adventist Church, among two others. The renowned UK journalist visits three communities he describes as remarkable regarding healthy lifestyle and longevity, and he lists Seventh-day Adventists as one of them.

Snow's search for living longer after retirement took him to visit Odyssey, on the Greek island of Ikaria, where locals live ten years longer. His quest takes him to Japan, where he meets seniors in their 90s who are still thriving at the heart of the community. His search also took him to Loma Linda in the USA. It was an eye-opener for him as he discovered not only the healthy lifestyle borne out of our faith but the meaning of the Sabbath and the humanitarian ministry by members of the Church. He confessed his views about the Church, since as a young Anglican, he heard his father tell him that Adventists are cults. His newfound first-hand knowledge of the Church gave him the impetus to observe the Sabbath, pray with an Adventist, and dine in an Adventist home. He concludes that Adventists are the people to be with if you want a healthy lifestyle and to live longer.

Though Snow's observation is not the first in a TV documentary, it comes at a time when we need to know the strength that the Church has regarding who we are and what we can offer in our communities and society, as we embark on the 'Reflecting Hope' initiative within our territory.

I have provided the link to the Channel 4 documentary and recommend it for your viewing. It will be on their website up to 20 February.

'How to Live to 100' – watch it here on All 4