NEC Consecration Service

NEC Consecration Service

Pr Joe Philpott

The afternoon of Sabbath 7th January 2023 proved to be a wonderful time of reflection as the current administration of officers, directors and sponsors – appointed to serve until the next Session in 2024 – were consecrated to the Lord and charged to faithfully fulfil the assignment placed upon them.

Leicester Central Seventh-day Adventist Church welcomed clergy and laity from across the Conference for this beautiful service. Together with representatives from our sister entities, such as the Adventist Discovery Centre and the South England Conference, Dr Daniel Duda (TED President) and Pastor Eglan Brooks (BUC President) shared messages of encouragement as they reminded the administration of the critical work they've been assigned. "Going forward by taking another route" was the title of the challenging message from Dr Duda.

Officers, directors and sponsors came together on the platform with the special guests from across the British Isles for the prayer of dedication led by Pastor Brooks and Dr Duda.

Pastor George Kumi, President of the North England Conference, responded on behalf of the other officers (Pastor Emanuel Bran and Elder Michael Agyei-Asare), directors and sponsors. He thanked the previous administrations for their thoughtful ministries and recognised the diligent work conducted by those who came before.

Musical items from Paul Lee, Gloria Rejoice Singers and Reuben Hall blessed those watching online and who joined in person. It was wonderful seeing these spiritual gifts being used to the glory of God.

Reflecting on the day, Pastor Kumi writes, "God is waiting for fully consecrated men and women who will truly surrender their souls to Him in the closing scenes of earth's history to bring honour and glory to His name. 'Much prayer, much power. Little prayer, little power. No prayer, no power.'"

In His power, may we continue to press forwards to the goal set before us. Forward We Go!

If you missed the event, you can watch it here or view the images here.