"Faith In Action" shares love

"Faith In Action" shares love

Kevin Johns, BUC Youth Ministries Director

The singing group 'Faith in Action' (FIA) recently engaged in a Personal Ministries project by visiting St Agnell's House in Hemel Hempstead.

The group has been active since the lockdown and supports local communities with food, clothing, and literature distribution. It is their second visit to St Agnell's House, a residential care home.

They said the group coming together to do this ministry was inspired by a quote from Mother Teresa, "Faith in action is love – and love in action is service." The group members include Carolyn Daniel, Margaret Johns, Mishael Terrelonge and Sandra Joseph, on a Personal Ministries mission.

What FIA does include working with Whittington NHS Trust's dental staff and the British Union Conference (BUC) Youth Ministries department to support nursing staff who left their babies and families behind in India to seek work here.

FIA, the dental staff, and the BUC Youth Ministries department contributed towards toiletries and oral hygiene products for the team and donations for the care home residents. The ladies from India, the nursing staff and Susan, the manager, were all very grateful to receive the support.