British Union Conference Executive Votes New Strategic Plan

On 15 September, the British Union Conference (BUC) Executive Committee voted to adapt a new strategic plan to guide its operations from January 2023.  Focusing on 12 key priorities, the plan addresses not only the spiritual mission of the Church and the implementation of the GC, 'I WILL GO' initiative, but also acknowledges the Union's responsibilities as a registered charity and a corporate organisation.  

The process of developing a strategic plan began with a weekend retreat where the question was poised 'How Do You Fix a Broken Church?'. The Executive Committee and Departmental Directors were guided through missional objectives by Dr Anthony WagnerSmith, from the Trans-European Division.  His presentations, along with facilitated group activities curated during the weekend, enabled the participants to generate ideas and discussions around the work of the British Union Conference.  

Further consultations for Communication, Evangelism, Ministerial and Education were held over the past nine months.  Data from these consultations will feed into the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of each department.  

A key driving force of the new strategic plan is the need for greater collaboration between departments, institutions, and territories where greater effectiveness can enhance the mission. The plan was rolled out to the staff at the BUC Head Office at the beginning of this week and will be further discussed over the coming months.

"Collaboration is essential for us to fulfil our mission", said Pastor Eglan Brooks, President of the BUC.  "When we work together, each of us focusing not only our giftedness but with strategic objectives as guiding principles, and specific key performance indicators for departments and institutions, we will, by the grace of God, work on building His kingdom here on earth and preparing for His soon coming.

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